Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Lookup

Subscribers switch between fiercely competing operators with ease. Don’t send your message into the void! Determine the operator serving each ported number.
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Optimized Data Paths

Direct messages straight to your client’s serving network with outstanding throughput and availability.

Avoid Losses From Network Changes

Cut out sending to ported numbers and relevant costly delivery issues where needed.

Revised and Credible Contact Information

Grows the ROI brought by each message and ensures its correct charging.

Currently, 108 Countries Support MNP

How Does It Work?

  1. You never know when your customer decides to switch to a more attractive mobile operator, keeping the old number. That’s why you need MNP Lookup. Our service takes an MSISDN, i. e. a phone number in an international format, as a query input, and returns the subscriber’s current serving operator.
  2. Data comes directly from genuine portability database holders or from their direct partners on the market. Our MNP Lookup service is accessible on the BSG-hosted Communication Platform via HTTP API in synchronous or asynchronous request mode.
  3. Moreover, we have recently implemented the ENUM ― the advanced industry standard for communication providers. This set of protocols is used for mapping the phone number as an IP address into the Domain Name System (DNS). Together, they make data exchange several times faster and that provides a significantly higher throughput when processing bulk requests.
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    What is MNP?

    MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a service for transferring an existing subscriber from one carrier to another within one country while keeping the same phone number.

    Why do people resort to MNP service?

    Available in more than a hundred markets today, MNP has drastically liberalized the telecom market. Subscribers, especially business users, are reluctant to change their numbers. MNP removes the barrier to switching between providers and allows new small companies to compete in the telecom market. Most mobile network operators offer number porting for free or for a giveaway price, enabling users to change providers frequently and flexibly.

    How popular is MNP globally?

    MNP was launched in 1997 in Singapore, followed by the UK, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong in 1999. By 2003 it became required in a number of countries, especially in the EU. The proportions of the ported subscribers in different countries vary. The average figure our experts observe is around 20%. However, it depends on how long the service has been available to subscribers. Thus, in some countries, it exceeds even 40%. You can check whether your customer’s country or countries support the MNP service or not.

    How is MNP Lookup performed?

    The MSISDNs are verified against the MNP databases during the SMS-sending process. These databases are updated regularly, typically overnight. MNP Lookup queries are completely non-intrusive for the subscriber.

    What information can I get from a number lookup?

    Performing a number lookup identifies the network currently serving the subscriber. This is essential for correct billing and routing since the price per message varies significantly on different carriers and operators. Accurate and successful SMS or Viber message routing cannot be done without this information.

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