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A reliable way to check SMS recipient status. Don’t overpay for messsages to the non-existent numbers
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Number Verification

High Deliverability

Get 100% deliverability with a valid subscriber database. Speak to customers that read your messages and give feedback.

Detailed Reports

Get the maximum info on who can receive your SMS at the moment and who is on hold. Use porting and roaming status to refine your list even more.


Reach out only to those who can read your message right now. Regular number verification saves up to 30% of messaging costs!

API Integration

Find out whether phone numbers exist, are not valid, or roaming by implementing Number Verifier on your website.

Start Verifying in 4 Steps

  1. Select Number Verifier in your BSG account.
  2. Upload a contact list or paste contacts from the clipboard.
  3. Send a confidential, non-intrusive request or schedule it for later.
  4. Automatically validate your subscriber customer base via API.

The Simplest Way to Verify Database

Telegram bot returns the numbers’ status

Telegram Bot Returns the Numbers’ Status

Check subscribers’ statuses via the Number Verifier Telegram bot ― paste up to 5 or upload up to 3000 contacts in a file at a time. Get results faster than ever.
Comprehensive statistics

Comprehensive Statistics

View portability and roaming statuses in ready-made dashboards, and remove invalid numbers. Сhoose what to include in the financial reports to track marketing expenses.
Get the picture of your targets

Get a Picture of Your Targets

Determine numbers unique to mobile operators to understand your audience structure and avoid overpaying. See how much you spend per country for your lookup campaigns to consider geography in your messaging strategy.

Main Benefits


The Deepest Data Insights

The system displays contacts by activity, countries, roaming status, portability status, and even operators. Compare results and see who travels and switches between providers.

Results That Grow Efficiency

Construct precise filters based on portability and connectivity data that you receive from verification. Use them to clean up your database ― save marketing costs and grow conversions.
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    Who Needs a Number Verifier?



    Target only active customers to reach your goals faster. A salesperson or account manager works manually on our web platform. While your staff or external developers can use our API within a range of third-party applications to perform the automated verification.


    Monitor constantly changing subscriber statuses to promptly initiate re-routing measures. Identify the mobile networks of your buyers and partners, and an aggregator to route the message to. Provide the lowest pricing and best delivery.


    The solution is suitable for anyone who sends SMS for marketing purposes. A special approach to mass texting requires preliminary audience research. Don’t waste time and resources on inactive numbers.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    The price depends on the number of phone numbers you check. The cost of one number verification for our business clients starts from 0.0027 euros. The final cost depends on the region.

    Developers Easily Read and Rely on Our API

    Keep your contact database clean of fraudulent accounts and up to date. Quickly verify phone numbers via your CRM enhanced by our API. Find which numbers are in use and accessible, and which network they are currently using.

    • Go
    • Node
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Java
    • PHP

    //Hlr info by id
    var hlrInfo = hlrClient.GetHlrInfoById(hlr.Hlrs[0].ID)
    //Hlr info by external id
    var hlrInfo2 = hlrClient.GetHlrInfoByReference(hlr2.Hlrs[1].Reference)

    msisdn: ‘85267202829’,
    reference: ‘extid1’,
    tariff: ‘0’,
    callback_url: ‘’
    HLR => console.log( “HLR created:”, HLR ),
    error => console.log( “HLR creation failed:”, error )

    def hlr_create(params={})
    if params.kind_of? Array
    [] << params.merge({})

    class HLRL(Recipient):
    def __init__(self, *args, tariff: int = None, callback_url: str = None, **kwargs):
    kwargs.update({‘tariff’: tariff} if tariff else {})
    kwargs.update({‘callback_url’: callback_url} if callback_url else {})
    super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    HlrData hlr = restClient.createHlr(“85267202829”, UUID.randomUUID().toString().substring(0, 13), null, “”);

    $hlr = $bsg->getHLRClient();
    $responce = $hlr->sendHLR(‘+85267202829’, (string)time());


    How to start using the Number Verifier?

    There are three ways to use the service:
    1. In your BSG personal web account.
    2. Integrated with your existing CRM or ERP.
    3. Using Number Verifier Telegram Bot.
    It takes just a few minutes to check 10,000 numbers. View the campaign results in your account and get a report via email in CSV format.

    What performance metrics do I receive?

    The report shows the campaign results, including sent, delivered, and rejected requests. Checking phone number availability also includes data on whether the number is active, inactive, or has an unknown status. For the active numbers, reporting includes whether the number is ported, is in roaming, its country and its operator. In the financial report you see how much money you spent on verification for a period. It provides an aggregated dashboard with the main parameters. You can configure filters to download your report file.

    How is my data protected on your platform?

    We realize that your data is a valuable asset. BSG is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We implement the ultimate security measures and compliance standards to ensure your personal data is protected from unauthorized access. And the carrier by number request neither violates the principles of fair use of personal data nor contradicts the GDPR policy. To learn more about how we process and store your sensitive data, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

    Verify phone numbers and get the most out of your SMS campaign

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