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SMS Gateway

Send Unlimited Text Messages Worldwide

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Bulk SMS Statistics: Mobile loyalty programs
90% of people who have subscribed to mobile loyalty programs say they have gained value from them
SMS Gateway stats
64% of consumers favorably view companies that offer texting as a service channel
SMS gateway statistics
43% of customers are more likely to buy products/services if mobile offers are part of a campaign that is made across multiple channels
SMS gateway stats: mobile purchases
40% of all online purchases are made on mobile phones
SMS gateway stats: pay more attention to mobile marketing
68% of marketers think their company should pay more attention to mobile marketing
SMS Gateway for internal communication
70% of employees would like their organization to use SMS for internal communication


Online SMS gateway is an interface for sending SMS messages without using a mobile phone. Think of the SMS gateway as a colossal computer with connections to hundreds of mobile networks across the globe. Yes, some mobile operators allow users to send text messages via their websites for free, but if you want to send SMS to multiple recipients simultaneously, this is not a viable option. To meet such a demand, commercial SMS gateways were invented. The BSG SMS gateway serves as a bridge between the web and the world of text messaging that provides you with a hassle-free solution for sending unlimited bulk text messages.
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Who Needs SMS Gateway

to send transactional SMS

Banks & Payment Systems

One time pin codes Account status notifications Transaction alerts

Online services

One-time passwords Payment notifications Service alerts


Test result notifications Appointment confirmations Reminders about dosage amounts

E-commerce sites

Order status alerts Payment reminders Shipment & delivery updates

Courier Services

Delivery reminders Arrival notifications Routine alerts

to send promotional SMS

Offline shops, clubs, services

Loyalty rewards Coupon codes Discount vouchers

Hotels & Restaurants

Last-minute deal notifications Thank-you messages Exclusive reward offers

Event Management

Event promotion messages Reminders for delegates Thank you messages

Marketing agencies

Promo offers Announcements Special offers

Real Estate Firms

Price drop alerts Open house notifications Event invitations

Advantages of BSG Online SMS Gateway

Is SMS your proven channel for reaching customers, business partners or employees? BSG online SMS gateway will allow you to implement text messaging in your business while using our user-friendly API. We can handle thousands of contacts. Our bulk SMS gateway server has proven its high performance and reliability, ensuring nearly instant delivery of all text messages. You decide which country you need your messages to be delivered, and we provide you with the best rates and the SMS delivery of the highest quality.
  • Easily reach people you need in seconds no matter where they are
  • Send text messages to separate numbers or entire contact lists
  • Schedule automatic text message delivery at a specified time
  • Broadcast critical alerts/notifications with a single mouse click
  • Save time, money and headache, compared with regular SMS messaging
  • Focus on your business and spend less time on managing SMS marketing campaigns
  • Choose alphanumeric name for your bulk SMS campaign
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Bulk SMS Gateway Provider BSG

Use the Power of premium BSG SMS Gateway! Contact one of our messaging experts to assist you in setting up of your account according to your needs. Let our SMS gateway power your communications and grow your business with flying colors. Join us now and you could be starting your most effective marketing campaigns in minutes.

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Live Help at Every Stage

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Our in-house customer support solves 95% of issues within 30 minutes and takes care of clients across different time zones. We would meet expectations of any company or organization that chooses our international SMS gateway server. Always alert and attentive to detail, our customer support representatives actively monitor mobile traffic and continuously perform route testing to make sure the customer gets the highest SMS delivery rate possible. Have some questions? We’re here to assist the users of BSG SMS Gateway any time of day or night. Write to, call via Skype support.bsg or resolve your queries in Live chat.