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Multi-channel, Marketing platform.

BSG is a platform which offers multiple
channels of communication with customers.



Marketing Platform.

Improve conversion rates by combining services

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Send SMS worldwide in any quantity, and at any time you want.

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The official distribution of messages in a Viber application. Convenient and affordable channel of communication with your customers through the popular instant messenger.

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Short Links

Add a unique short link to your SMS and measure all the effectiveness of marketing activities.

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One-Time password

One-time password systems provide a mechanism for logging on to a network or service using a unique password which can only be used once, as the name suggests.

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Motivate your regular customers and potential users to take actions using targeted email messages.

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Transaction Email

Transactional emails contain information that the recipient needs, and, therefore, they have very high discovery rates.

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Create communication flow

This marketing tool reduces mailing costs and increases the percentage of message delivery to recipients, at the same time.

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HLR Lookup

Get the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns using HLR requests. This perfect solution will make your contact list relevant.

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MNP Lookup

MNP provides information on the phone number availability to a mobile operator. This allows you to manage all messaging processes effectively.

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Push Notifications

Converts your one-time visitors into loyal customers with web push notifications

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SMS Testing System

Deliberately designed for better SMS
delivery quality testing on real SIMs

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Rent Platform

OmniWay - SMS Platform from
the key partner of BSG company!

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the platform
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Combine channels

BSG is an online marketing platform that offers various channels of communication with customers.
You can send different types of messages separately or sequentially. By sending a message through one channel, then through the second, third, you make your campaign more effective and increase the percentage of delivery.

Automate Your Marketing

Take control of your business.

Create a flow builder if your
messages not delivered

The power of our Messengers, emails and SMS solutions at your fingertips, without writing a single line of code. Create a flow builder if your messages not delivered. Take control of your business.

Send your messages with VIBER, if the client does not have an application, we will automatically send it via SMS

Flow builder is a popular messaging delivery service, that sends your texts through the Viber and SMS apps.
How does it work?
You have a customer base with a list of phone numbers. First, send your messages to VIBER. If this application is not installed on the client’s phone, our platform will automatically re-send the message via an SMS channel.
The advantages of Viber mailing:
1. Paying only for delivered messages
2. Ability to send texts up to 1000 characters
3. Ability to add a link to the action button
4. Ability to add a picture

A modern way of communicating with customers.

VIBER is a secure alternative to SMS alerts with more features!

Automate Your Sendings

Send out automatically from your systems using BSG SMPP protocol or API.

Protect Your Data


Add an extra layer safety to your
user interactions

Protect your customers with One-time password (OTP) and code-calling solutions. Prevent bots and spammers from accessing your platform or creating bulk account registrations.

our platform



Our Platform was created on 10-years experience bases, taking into account the use of various online systems.
Our platform has a very simple and intuitive interface.



Detailed reports and statistics system.
Get your detailed reports online.
Work with the actual truly results of marketing campaigns.



Use our flexible and powerful tool for managing your contacts. Create groups, transfer contacts to different groups, create additional fields, customize the display and order of fields, export and import your contacts in a simple way!



Make your business stand out by using personalized text messages for your marketing campaigns. Send personalized texts to match your customers’ preferences.



When sending messages, you can add an unsubscribe link with one button. The client can unsubscribe from the mailings at any time.



Use our service to add short URLs to your messages.
Make the reading process smoother, and your analytics clear. Short links will help you to reduce the length of the SMS text.

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Complete suite

BSG offers white labeling options and messaging features combined with billing and reporting.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing is flexible. We make sure we're able to meet any dynamic market requirements.

Education and Support

We’ll prepare you for launch through education and a dedicated reseller program tailored to your objectives.


With BSG adaptable billing system, you get full control. Our messaging suite can be fully customized.