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Transaction E-mail

Transactional Emails are send due to an action triggered by the user. These can be automated notifications such as welcome emails, shipping notices, order confirmations, password reminders, purchase receipts etc.

What is Transactional E-mails?

Transactional emails are sent to users as a part of their interaction with website or web app. They typically contain information a recipient wants or needs and consequently have very high open rates.

Sending transactional emails with BSG You will get a great experience in communication with customers.

Standard transactional email use cases including, account creation emails, password resets and purchase receipts.

  • Account Creation E-mails
  • Password Reset E-mails
  • Purchase Receipt Emails

Account Creation E-mails

Developing your web or mobile app, you need to consider how you will notify your users about important activities going on in your app. The first transactional email a user gets from a company is account creation message. It's critically important email which builds the strong first impression of your brand. Use account creation emails as a chance to communicate with your users and start a reliable relationship with them.

Password Reset E-mails

Password reset emails let users re-send passwords or set brand new in an effort to get access to app. This kind of transactional email is required for any app that needs a password.

Purchase Receipt Emails

Users wait for payment receipt emails from any online transaction they do. Delays in email sends, or emails being delivered to the spam folder can lead to a poor user experience with your brand and potentially impact revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your percentage of email openings?

Users open our transactional emails in over 90% of cases.

What's the percentage of delivered messages?

It's close to 99%

How can I be sure that the user will receive the message?

We are trying to do everything possible to ensure on-time delivery email notifications.

What data do I need to give you about my site?

To connect your site to our platform, you need to enter your domain to the appropriate field in the settings, go through the verification of all DNS records and click to the "confirm domain" button.

May I create my personal template?

Yes, surely. This feature is provided in our settings. You can either create your own HTML layout or choose one from our presets.

Won't my letters get spammed?

No, they won’t. Our algorithms are built in a special way, so that the percentage of sent message reached a maximum for transactional messages.

How can we help?

For the most common questions, we have prepared a FAQ about BSG products , which will help you understand all features of the service and their use. If you face technical issues, read the information in the BSG Developer Docs section, while all updates and important information are published in our blog with SMS and email marketing tips, which is updated by the specialists of the service.

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BSG works in close cooperation with our platform over the last 3 years. BSG managers have been always very attentive to us. They are working with great effort and efficiency. Our cooperation has always been very constructive and productive. Their tech support team is always ready to help. You can call them 24/7 at any convenient time and they will give you all the necessary advice.


We have been cooperating with BSG since 2016. Our cooperation has been successful for both sides and we are constantly working on new opportunities. The managers of BSG are easy to work with, friendly and responsive. They have 24/7 tech support which makes business works easier.


NVIA and BSG are working together since 2014 on the Short Messaging Delivery Service. This bilateral cooperation has been successful for both companies and we have a positive experience with doing business together during all these years.


BSG is one of the global leaders in providing messaging solutions. We build our partnership since 2018 year. And from that time till nowadays BSG shows us their first class professional skills. BSG team consists of strong competitive specialists who are ready to solve any question at any time.


Thank you, BSG team for solving our communication issues. As an insurance broker, we need a stable and reliable way of connection with our clients and partners. Your Bulk SMS and E-mail services gave us an opportunity to stay tuned with our customers and build strong marketing campaigns for engaging the new ones.


BSG has proven to be a reliable partner we can trust. We’ve been working for more than 2 years and the cooperation has been very successful. Easy API Integration, low prices, fast response rate for customer support issues, easy documentation navigation, free trial period. And that’s not the full list of the benefits. Thank you, BSG! Further - better.

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