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Создание кампании с BSG

Создавайте высокооэффективные маркетинговые кампании, используя услуги BSG.


С помощью сервиса BSG можно отправлять SMS сообщения задействуя более чем 700 всемирных сетей.  Протестировать SMS сервис можно бесплатно сразу после регистрации. Для этого необходимо ввести имя, адрес электронной почты и номер телефона. А чтобы ваша кампания достигла поставленных целей, BSG предлагает эффективные инструменты SMS маркетинга:

  1. Персонализация
  2. Сегментация
  3. Статистика
  4. API интеграция
  5. SMS автоматизация
  6. Формы подписки
  7. Опция отказа от рассылки

Key Partnership Benefits

Servicii de acoperire la nivel mondial

Soluție de afaceri gata

Planuri individuale de abonament la prețurile cu ridicata

Utilizarea canalelor de la toți furnizorii BSG

Vânzarea SMS-urilor sub propria dvs. marcă

Rata proprie a prețului

Conectați serviciul la site-ul dvs. web

  • If you have a website then you can create a copy of our personal account in your subdomain and give access to new customers through your website. You can specify the details, contacts, and set up fares in your personal profile. All our links and details will be removed and customers will see only your information.
  • Individual sign up option is available in a personal account connected to your domain. You only need to advertise your reseller's website and everything else will be done by our BSG service. There is no need to spend years implementing all the functionality of the SMS message service from scratch as our all new improvements and functions will immediately appear on your website too in terms of the partnership.

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Build new experience
with BSG Services

Complete suite

BSG offers white labeling options and messaging features combined with billing and reporting.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing is flexible. We make sure we're able to meet any dynamic market requirements.

Education and Support

We’ll prepare you for launch through education and a dedicated reseller program tailored to your objectives.


With BSG adaptable billing system, you get full control. Our messaging suite can be fully customized.