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Документация REST API сервиса BSG

Интегрируйте возможности сервиса рассылок BSG в личный проект.
API предназначен для разработчиков и сопровождается детальной документацией.


Number Lookup helps you keep your mobile numbers database up to date.

Mobile subscribers often change numbers, go into roaming and change providers while retaining their original phone number. Knowing which mobile numbers are in use and available, or which network your client is currently using can greatly improve accuracy and cost effectiveness for many types of businesses.

With HLR Lookup API you can determine:

  • Which numbers are currently active
  • Is the mobile number in roaming
  • Is the mobile number in ported

Available http methods:

  • PUT (POST) /hlr /create
  • GET /hlr / {id}
  • PUT (POST) /hlr /create
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