Automated SMS Testing System

Test the sender name and destination accuracy, and measure the delivery speed, delays, and quality of the SMS routes with complete reports for improving results.
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Checking the Fact of Delivery

Every message matters. Check the launch time, delivery actualness, Sender ID and address, track delays, and detect fake delivery receipts.

Live Numbers, Global Coverage

We keep our live node community and infrastructure continuously growing, with no SIM boxes involved. More than a million SMS undergo tests monthly.

Outbound and Inbound SMS Testing

Along with mobile terminated SMS validation, our platform also allows mobile-originated testing. The provided numbers send test SMS to your phone.

True Results for Appropriate Pricing

We offer standard rates, but you can also tailor them to your supplier’s needs. Customizable route price plans help companies who require flexibility.

Main Features

  1. Real Delivery Test

    You will be able to start automated SMS testing via real delivery, check the destination, and SMSC, follow the delay, and verify the sender ID and content ― down to every single SMS.
  2. Channel Switching

    Automatically switch the Bulk SMS sending channel to a backup route in case of binding, funding, or route quality problems with your provider.
  3. Detailed Analytics for Each SMS

    Stay updated. We allow online change tracking, analysis, and reports gathering itemized statistics. Stay in control and focus on your campaign.
  4. Full Automation

    Schedule SMS testing and receive email notifications. Add, remove, change, whatever you need ― use all the features.

Key Benefits


Fight Bad Routes and Fraudulent DLRs

Thoroughly monitor your routes, and question the integrity of your providers ― both on promotional and transactional channels. Test SMS goes to real numbers worldwide, and the System logs dozens of delivery and route parameters for you to eliminate sham deliveries.

Simple Integrations and Proactive Team

BSG SMS API integrates our features to your CRM in place, and testing tasks take less time. Choose between the SMPP interface, the REST API, or the Proxy API. Our 24/7 friendly support regularly reports on updates and fixes, and is always open to adding demanded features.

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Test nodes around the world

1 million

Tests per month


Networks around the world

Sort through connections and offer effective routes. Keep the big-picture vision.

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