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Get a ready-to-use solution for fast and high-quality communication between doctors and clients in telemedicine. Increase service levels and customer loyalty with BSG
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Personalize Each Contact

Each person has individual preferences and needs. It’s the same with treatment. With BSG SMS healthcare solutions, you can personalize not only the content of your messages but also the delivery schedule, as well as communication channels with patients.

Remind Patients About Appointments in Advance

A short healthcare SMS will remind the person of the hospital appointment. It can significantly reduce the waiting time for doctors and help adjust the schedule.

Consult Remotely

Getting medical care quickly makes life easier for the client. There is no need to stand in line. The necessary information and a prescription can be obtained directly on the phone by SMS alerts for healthcare.

Use Omnichannel

Communicate in popular and patient-friendly channels. Send a registration code in SMS for doctors appointment; information about the clinic in Viber; detailed characteristics, and advantages of doctors and clinics in emails. Add a feedback system from real customers in messengers. Create a unified system that builds trust between the doctor and the patient.

Segment Your Customers

Use out-of-the-box filters to work with Contact Book. Segment patient audiences by age, city, services provided, etc. Send relevant information to each segment. Analyze from reports which channels are more appropriate for different age audiences, etc.

Protect Personal Information

Use a two-step verification level to log in to the app or personal account. Protect medical privacy. Add an extra layer of security to your patients’ and doctors’ data. Use an 2FA that is automatically generated and sent to the user like a normal message.

Organize Management Processes

Control every step of a person’s interaction with the clinic from a single BSG platform. You can configure all processes in your personal area of the platform. From scheduling the dispatch of clinical test results to two-way communication. Increase service levels and efficiency with SMS healthcare services.
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    Key Benefits

    High Delivery Efficiency
    Seamless messaging, stable delivery, and worldwide coverage. Keep in touch with patients wherever they are.
    ISO Standards
    Rest assured you’re partnering with a company with the highest safety standards and ISO-9001:2015 certification.
    Superior Support
    High-quality customer support all over the world. Get help 24/7 in real-time.

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