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BSG is a global communications platform that creates meaningful connections between enterprises and their customers. Messaging, authentication, and verification tools with the highest security standards. ISO-9001:2015 certified.
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Fraud protection with the multifactor authentication

The gaming industry is exposed to fraudulent activities, and user personal and financial data may be stolen or manipulated. The player authentication powered by one-time passwords gives an additional layer of security to your users. With our services, you can set up 2FA quickly and easily.

User Validation

While working with global user bases, you might need to validate numbers to avoid duplicates, errors, and numbers out of service. Sending traffic to invalid numbers takes your resources, but doesn’t bring any results. Validate numbers in your user base manually in our platform or integrate this service into your system via API.

SMS marketing

SMS is a quick and convenient channel to retain users on iGaming platforms. Updates, offers, and any other promotional info only catches user attention if the messages reach their destination. We build reliable SMS routes that guarantee high delivery rates.

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Coverage of 1,800+ operators
We deliver messages to more than 200 countries around the world and provide optimized routes for your traffic.
22,000 clients
This amount of businesses trusted us to provide SMS infrastructure to fill their communications needs.
10 years of knowledge
Since 2012, we’ve studied and developed the telecom industry. We have a wide knowledge base and the expertise to meet our customers’ needs.
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