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  1. Comprehend Ecosystems to Route Smartly

    In BSG, we make the intricate connections between enterprises, aggregators, and operators simple. Real-time dashboards and multi-level filters bring the traffic structure and origins to light. Customer data is rendered useful for a personalized approach. Sender and supplier substitution, customizable routing, loop monitoring, and auto-backup switch allow building of adaptive distribution schemes.
  2. Craft Competitive Pricing, Simplify Invoicing

    Supplier price lists are integrated into our Platform. Their analysis summary is auto-updated with notification. Users conveniently find the quality route and suitable price and set tariffs from templates. Clarity of the existing partnerships, of their operational and licensing requirements, allows for detecting gray routes to avoid incorrect pricing. Users set their billing conditions independently.
  3. Ring-Fence Your Network and Protect Data

    Our Platform is GDPR compliant and SSL certified. It provides full traffic visibility, user role differentiation, logs, 2FA access, white and black lists, pre-moderation, and spam mitigation interface. A firewall is deployed at our sms gateway for operator, and managed to block unauthorized and unwanted A2P inbound traffic. Plus anti-DDoS and CFRS token protection, and production-ready Cloudflare integration.
  4. Value-Added Activities Under the Authentic Brand

    Available as a white-label product, our bulk sms service for operators enables you to further leverage trust in your household name. Instead of major investments and maintenance on your efforts, help your clients to refine their customer care, troubleshooting, and sales. Augment messengers prevalent in your local target markets. Orchestrate campaigns providing traffic handling transparency.

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99.9% Delivery Rate
on a validated database due to our tested direct connections.
100+ Customized Features
developed by our R&D guided by testing and by users’ suggestions.
40+ 0-Hop Connections
to local operators for high-priority traffic processing.
1800 Operators
are our companions, providing us with their messaging capacities.

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