Mass Messaging for eCommerce & Retail

Create, scale, and grow customer-facing communication solutions all managed from one place. Strengthen brand loyalty and boost conversions with a platform within the highest security standards
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Seamlessly Segment and Personalize

Use built-in smart filters to work with address book and segment leads according to their interactions, orders, needs, and much more. Upload extended customer data manually or transmit it directly via API, and use flexible filters to send personalized flash sales, exclusive re-stock offers, ‘last chance’ discounts, or other preferences-based notifications. Keep the consumer-vendor communication highly personalized and trusted.

Enrich Customer Data Protection

Implement 2FA to your loyalty programs and minimize fraud and your customers’ identity theft. User phone number is used as an identifier, while verification is fully equal to familiar SMS sending. Use automatically generated one-time passwords to check logins, confirm transactions, verify deducting bonuses, and identify your client. Add a layer to your customers’ data safety and encourage their loyalty to your company.

Facilitate Contextual Communication

Streamline your SMS marketing for retail — as many communication operations as you need keeping the power of a personalized approach. Make your customer support team skilled and empowered with a Chat Messengers tool that brings together dialogues from popular messengers into one window. Activate the Callback widget or two-way direct shopping SMS for instant replies. Get the most out of connections with your prospects to improve customer experience and get more deals closed.

Create Scalable Integrations

It’s easy to deal with increasing communication complexity with an all-in-one platform for transactional and marketing campaigns. Embed communication features to your project using API libraries or SMPP gateways to create, send, and customize triggered messages. Use a web account for your SMS marketing for ecommerce, add shortened branded links and monitor user engagement. You will get multi-layers dashboards on each involved channel, as well as fulfilled customer journey analytics.

Improve Cross-Channel Campaigns

Let the system automate messaging through various channels – send via Viber, but if it hasn’t worked, then forward the message via SMS for retailers. Within a single BSG platform, you can create, send and track client-oriented messaging flows via channels they prefer. Send order tracking codes SMS, activate promo codes via Viber, announce new collections via email, manage support requests via instant messengers, and much more.
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