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Benefit from pure 0-hop connections, flexible pricing, exclusive directions, live testing of the provided routes and our friendly 24/7 support.
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Compare and choose optimal routes

  1. Flexible routes for wholesale bulk SMS provide high deliverability. Dynamic routing may be based on sender, country, SMS text and even the lookup result. Over 40 zero-hop connections ensure ultimate coverage. Where we don’t have 0-hops yet, we have contracts with local providers.
  2. Our SMPP Wholesale SMS Gateway ensures high SMS speed and bandwidth. It prevents queues and allows traffic prioritization to exclusive directions. And the Wholesale SMS API helps you manage all your campaigns right from your computer.
  3. With BSG automated SMS Testing System, you can be assured that your messages will be delivered on time, to all destinations, with no delays and with the required SID.
  4. Moreover, by means of our built-in Number Verifier service, wholesale SMS from your partners will always be properly routed, regardless of whether the numbers are ported or in roaming.

Rent a full-stack SMS Platform

  1. Hosted SMS Platform

    It can be rented by existing players in the telecom wholesale, as well as by businesses and operators who want to enter this market from scratch. It has two main modules: the Admin Panel and the Omnichannel User Account. As an Admin, you manage clients and provider settings, and apply rules for both.
  2. Routing Section

    Сustomizе and fine-tune routing schemes to route fast and at scale. Split messages into several providers, assign senders to providers, prioritize sensitive traffic. Set schemes and tariffs from the pre-built templates. Auto-switch to backup and instantly replace the provider or sender under conditions you preset.
  3. Billing Section

    With the integrated auto-updated SMS wholesale pricing lists, calculate the suitable price considering currency rates, taxes, payment methods, and verification results in the ‘portable’ states. Сlients can set their invoicing conditions as they choose.
  4. Omnichannel User Account

    Your clients will on their own launch their A2P one- and two-way personalized SMS, service and transactional alerts, 2-FA, verify their contacts and more. They will be supported by the intelligent filters and lists features in their Contact Book, the lookup tools and insightful real-time multi-level dashboards. All cutting-edge digital marketing tools at their fingertips.
  5. Traffic Monitoring Section

    Detect poor connections, and deeply analyze and control spending for inbound and outbound traffic. View detailed statistics down to each sent SMS. Figure out generated profit in total, and on each client. The built-in CRM and online price table summary bring clarity into your dealings, and help not to miss the contractual loopholes.
  6. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) Lookup

    In the liberalized telecom market, you need MNP verification to understand where to route each SMS. Identify an actual operator serving the ported subscriber, and send сonfidently. Improve your contact base relevance, and optimize data journey and charging.

Trusted by clients, friendly
to managers

40+ zero-hop connections
to local operators for high-priority traffic processing
1800 operators
are our companions, providing us their messaging capacities
200+ price lists
in the Supplier Analysis Table, with the price change notifications
5 offices
around the world allow the BGS team to engage with partners in any time zone

If you are a local provider, contact us to become a bilateral Partner. Or offer us your unique SMS routes

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