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Outstanding customer experience over promotional and transactional SMS comes with a custom solution from BSG, whatever field you are into.
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Benefit From Our Multifunctional


Leverage Client Interactions to the Full

SMS’s personal nature prompts people to open them almost immediately. Reach your customers in a timely and personalized manner with a 98% delivery rate. Explore their details with meticulous queries, and segment them with advanced filters and lists. Set automated group retention campaigns. Authenticate users and double-check the suspicious actions with one-time password SMS. Include short secure time-sensitive links.

Profound Approach to Communication

Get a full context from the SMS and other channels on when, how, and where your customers interact. Up to 5 reports are available at a time, with as many as 20 parameters in each. Perform RFM and cluster analysis based on your customer’s unique traits. Aggregated Dashboards are broken down by the timeframe, campaign, and traffic source. Responsive analytics BSG tools provide suggest the bottlenecks to tackle.

Omnichannel Digital Marketing Flows

Either line of business is yours, use things you’ve learned about your customer in our SMS and Viber templates with as many fields as you need. Viber channel with its room for creative copy, vibrant rich media, and compelling CTA buttons, is very powerful in certain regions. For where it is not, we can back it up by cascading with regular SMS.

One-Stop Solution Adjustable for Any Industry

Along with messaging automation, we provide a bunch of useful tools, such as contacts verification, one-time passwords, URL shortener, detailed analytic dashboards, and more, some of them for free. And we continuously expand our offer based on your requests and feedback. We can cherry-pick 1- and 0-hop routes to operators, the most suitable for your field, with the required capacity.

Compatibility With Your System in Place

Striving to provide the best mass communication experience to anyone, our R&D center is constantly working on extending our features. We are ready to offer a custom solution to lead you to your goals. Along with our user-friendly Web Account, our products are integrable via API into a platform you are used to. We implement HTTP methods and a RESTful endpoint structure for a fast and reliable connection.
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