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For Industries

Bulk SMS Reseller

Improve client engagement and loyalty through mobile communication.

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Make better financial service with an increased security system. Use verify services and be sure that you're safe.

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Everyone uses a smartphone for planning the holidays. Continue the customer joy of travelling.

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Social Network

Improve digital experience by adding extra SMS services for social networks.

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Improve client engagement and loyalty through mobile communication. Involve more traffic to your online shop and offer buyers local and global payments.

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Each customer involved will bring you a stable income while using our service.

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A lot of opportunities become available to customers immediately after enrolling in the Affiliate Program.

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BSG provides clever mobile solutions to engage and interact with sellers, buyers and business owners.

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A personal way of reaching clients to confirm meetings, spread promotions, and ensure membership payments.

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Reduce the cost of healthcare and improve the outcome. Deliver better care for customers with BSG.

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Contact new younger markets, improve communication and reduce the number of phone calls needed to bring the same message.

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Bright smart sports ticketing solutions. Reach your customers by text messaging, emailing and voice messaging to increase revenue and sell more.

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Media & Entertaiment

Whether streaming or downloading, buying or renting, outside or inside, clients are watching entertainment all the time. We'll help you find the best channel for engagement.

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CRM & E-Learning

Partner up with a BSG to solve all your e-learning challenges by building efficient and strong e-Learning solutions?

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BSG offers white labeling options and messaging features combined with billing and reporting.

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We’ll prepare you for launch through education and a dedicated reseller program tailored to your objectives.


With BSG adaptable billing system, you get full control. Our messaging suite can be fully customized.