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Speak with your audience in the most affordable and impactful channel.
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Bulk Viber messaging

More than a text

Up to 1000-chars of creative copy, enhanced with a beautiful thematic image, emojis, a CTA button, or a link, sparks interest and nurtures a deal.

Reasonable Price

The cost of bulk Viber bulk SMS is low and doesn’t depend on cellular networks. You pay only for the messages actually delivered.


Send offers with a registered Sender ID and brand logo. The message will stand out and become recognizable in the preview.

Secure channel

Viber is an Over-the-Top, GDPR-compliant messenger. In its end-to-end encrypted chats, the message remains on the server only while transferring.

Benefits of BSG Viber bulk sender

Viber message

Minimal pre-settings

Build a Viber campaign much easier on our intuitive web platform than with popular Viber mass message software. From our side you’ll get help with the registration of Sender ID, integration into your ERP or CRM with the service via RESTful API etc.
Viber personalized message

Takes personal approach

Create templates using personal subscribers’ information. Form segments at the platform based on your users: their name, age, gender, interests, occupation and so on. Send congrats or a tailored offer in a vibrant visual dressing to reach relevantly.
Viber and SMS campaign

Combined with SMS

Reach all the users. Implement the function of automatic sending SMS to those who hadn’t received a Viber message within one campaign.
Viber analytics

Powerful statistics dashboard

Get various slices of analytics. Reports on the sent campaigns. Dashboards of aggregated statistics for the period with layouts by country and message statuses. Download detailed financial analytics for further work.

Prepare your messaging as follows

  • Verified
  • Deposit
  • Create
  • Prepare
  • Measure

Get your Viber profile verified

Fill out a form. We agree on the details, sign the papers, and send the company name for registration. After its activation, you can create your campaign. Sender ID registration takes from 2 to 5 days.
Prepare your messaging as follows image

Deposit money to account

Remember about a monthly minimum paid amount for your destination. You pay only for messages delivered. The minimum payment per month equals the cost of 8000 delivered messages.
Deposit money to account

Create samples of Viber messages

Proceeding from your goals, define the type of message: promotional or transactional. For the promotional one, form a template with a rich combination of text, multimedia and an interactive button. For service messages, prepare patterns with information about the clients` order, the latest updates and accounts.

Prepare contacts and send

Add your recipients and create custom fields for their details to address in a person-centered manner. Update and manage your base in the convenient Contacts Book. Save lists and multi-layer selection rules for the future. Send right away, or postpone.
Prepare contacts and send

Measure and analyze performance

Get the insights: how many messages were sent, delivered, undelivered, read and clicked. Overview the results by location, time, traffic source and much more. Open the campaign statistics by clicking on any message, and save detailed reports.
Measure and analyze performance


How to Activate Viber Messaging Services?

To start, Viber bulk message sender should activate this service separately. To do this, contact your manager for detailed instructions. The activation procedure starts with the signing of an agreement between BSG Telecom (our legal entity) and the Client. You should fill out a standard registration form and sign a letter of guarantee, in which you agree not to send spam. After the agreement is signed, you should register the sender’s alpha name. You can submit this application directly from your user account. Registration can take several business days. We provide messaging services on a prepaid basis. To get access to this feature, deposit a certain amount in advance, during the previous financial month. The method of deposit replenishment depends on your country. You can check it with your manager. More information.

How are the Bulk Viber prices formed?

The minimum monthly number of messages in Viber bulk SMS starts from 50,000 messages from an active Viber ID. Flexible pricing policy allows us to meet the dynamic needs of the market. By paying in the first days of every month, you don’t worry that you run out of your messaging amount. When you create a BSG account, you are not subscribing to any software. You only pay for the traffic you actually use. The final price depends on the country and the operator. The more messages you send, the less you pay per message, and the higher is your ROI. BSG supports a wide range of payment systems and currencies.

How to register a sender name for Viber?

To start sending messages, you should register a sender name. You can also hide it. For some countries, the registration of the sender’s name is mandatory (for example, Australia, Moldova, Aland Islands). You can register the Viber bulk sender name via our platform. You will need to fill out a form according to the instructions.

Who can receive Viber promotional messages?

You need to have confirmation that customers agreed to receive your information via short text messages. Subscribers give prior consent to receive Viber Bulk Messages from legal entities, e.g., informational newsletter from an insurance company, bank, trademark, etc.

How to add contacts for messaging?

Start creating your Viber campaign by creating a list of recipients. The methods for adding the recipients to the list are the same as for bulk SMS sending. To select recipients, choose the corresponding option:
  • Address book
  • Clipboard
  • From file

How to create a Viber campaign?

To create a Viber campaign, go to the app section in the top menu or click Create in the side menu, and select Viber from the drop-down list. In a new window, specify the name of the campaign. It is required for internal identification, and it will be visible only to you in the list of campaigns and reports. You can go through the process step-by-step, or go straight to creating a message, and specify the recipients and the sender later. Create messages for sending bulk SMS via Viber in the “Text” field. Add an illustrative image and a link or a button. To speed up your work, use one of the preliminary created templates.

What to do if I don’t know if contact is using Viber?

If you are not sure that all contacts from your Viber campaign list are actually using Viber, we suggest that you play it safe and offer an SMS fallback option. You can enable it option when creating a campaign by switching the corresponding selector to the active position on when editing a new campaign. After that, you specify the sender name for SMS, and the text that the user will receive (optionally also with the pre-saved templates).

Connect Viber solution to your regular tools via API

Reach users of the app so popular in many places through a streamlined, officially supported API. BSG RESTful API allows sending shiny Viber messages using the coding languages you know, and resending them via SMS if undelivered.

  • Go
  • Node
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP

func (client *ViberClient) CreateViber(request ViberRequest) ViberData {
var viber ViberData
_DoJsonCreateRequest(client.BaseClient, viber_create_method, request, &viber)
return viber

text:”My Viber messages is shinier than your SMS messages”,
caption:”See Details”,
viber => console.log( “Viber created:”, viber ),
error => console.log( “Viber creation failed:”, error )

def viber_create(params={}), “viber/create/”, params.merge({})))

class ViberMessage(dict):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
kwargs[‘to’] = kwargs.get(‘to’, [])
kwargs[‘text’] = kwargs.get(‘text’, ”)
if kwargs.get(‘alt_route’):
kwargs[‘options’] = dict(viber=dict(alt_route=kwargs.pop(‘alt_route’)))
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)

ViberMessageRequest viberMessageRequest = new ViberMessageRequest();
Message message = new Message();
List<Message> messages = new ArrayList<>();
message.setOptions(new Options(new SenderViber(“1”, “1”, “1”)));
List<Recipient> recipients = new ArrayList<>();
Recipient recipient = new Recipient(“85226010227”, UUID.randomUUID().toString().substring(0, 13));
ViberMessageData createViberMessage = viberClient.createViberMessage(viberMessageRequest);

$viberClient->addMessage([[‘msisdn’ => msisdn’ => 85226010227]], ‘test’, [
“img” => “”,
“caption” => “Join us!”,
“action” => “”


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