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SMS Software for Business

Sending corporate volumes of SMS is often associated with problems and inconvenience, because most platforms require special skills and have confusing functionality. But BSG's platform OmniWay turns messaging into a convenient and easy method of communication and simplifies customization to the limit.

Welcome to OmniWay — International SMS Platform From the BSG’s Partner

The OmniWay platform was created for the most demanding users who value convenience and the best functions. Thanks to it, you can send SMS around the world using sophisticated algorithms and the technically optimized system. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the level of service and will want to send SMS through our platform in the future. 

Who works with us

OmniWay is used by companies that want to constantly be in touch with their customers and always provide them with the latest information. These are both international wholesale trading companies and small businesses operating in the local market. 

They used to use voice messages, hired call center operators, or didn’t know about SMS communication at all. But with OmniWay, our partners made the right choice in favour of speed, reliability and responsibility for the result.  

Wholesale (international)

Сarriers eager to modify voice traffic exchange with SMS transit services

Retail (local)

Сarriers and service providers willing to provide their clients with a possibility to send SMS

Benefits of SMS marketing platform for your business

  • 01 Advanced features

  • 02 Fast and reliable

  • 03 Dedicated account manager

  • 04 Fantastic Support 24/7/365

  • 05 Inexpensive and easy start

  • 06 Powerful API

Advanced features

BSG provides its users with a lot of features and the ability to conveniently configure software settings. Everything is done so that users are able to set up a major messaging with minimal inconvenience. 

Fast and reliable

We work directly with mobile operators, while cooperating with more partners than other providers. This means that we make messaging fast and safe and provide the ability to send huge amounts of data in one go. 


Dedicated account manager

If necessary, clients are provided with personal assistants; these are experts who help them in all activities. Setting up a mass messaging, technical issues — these and many other questions are easily resolved with the support of a specialist. 


Fantastic Support 24/7/365

We care about keeping our customers happy, so please reach out to us with your questions, comments, and suggestions!

Inexpensive and easy start

We’ve set the most affordable messaging prices compared to our competitors, so that even the biggest campaign doesn’t require huge investments. Choose a service, replenish your account and launch an effective messaging at a reasonable price — the result will not be long in coming. 

Powerful API

Thanks to the API, our SMS platform can be integrated into your site’s CRM system, as well as into any site or even into an app. This greatly expands their functionality and allows you to work with mass messaging without using any other interface. 

TOP-3 Reasons to Work with Us

  • Guaranteed delivery
  • You can trust us
  • We love our job

Guaranteed delivery

  1. The platform was created in such a way that every client could be proud to work with it. The algorithms and quality of work are constantly improving, aiming for the satisfaction of our users. 

You can trust us

80% of those who have ever used our SMS platform return to it, since it is impossible to find the same functionality at such an affordable cost.

We love our job

Despite all challenges and difficulties, we are constantly improving our software and working on its ability to solve users’ problems.

There are Two Options to Work with SMS Texting Platform

The SMS platform have two formats:



+ server rental cost
Lifetime license
50 000

euro/one time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the SMS platform for a small company?

Modern business requires thorough communication with its clients and constant brand promotion. This is important even for small companies, therefore, in any case, the well-thought-out SMS platform is a much needed thing for small businesses. 

What is the OmniWay platform for?

Working with the separate platform allows you to focus on and achieve good results. It gathers all necessary functions and capabilities for productive work, while its comfortable interface simplifies interaction with mass messaging. 

Is working with the platform safe?

Like other BSG services, the OmniWay SMS Hub is very secure and offers a high level of data protection. The main thing is the effective encryption, which excludes interception of information and access of third parties to it. Moreover, the servers themselves are protected and we use renewable certificates for their reliable protection.  

How can we help?

For the most common questions, we have prepared a FAQ about BSG products , which will help you understand all features of the service and their use. If you face technical issues, read the information in the BSG Developer Docs section, while all updates and important information are published in our blog with SMS and email marketing tips, which is updated by the specialists of the service.

Help Center

Bulk SMS Messaging

Bulk SMS services change the way people communicate and help businesses of any size deepen customer relationships.

SMS Bulk Messaging photo

About SMS Bulk Messaging

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Bulk SMS Service

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Who needs Bulk SMS:

Bulk SMS or mass text messaging is the technology that lets you send dozens, hundreds, even millions of text messages at a time to phone numbers homeand abroad with a click of a button.

Significanty cheaper

When you send bulk SMS, the cost of one sent or delivered text message gets significantly cheaper. You can even set the desired sender ID, which is the text that is displayed on the receiver’s cell phone as the SMS sender.


The popularity of mass texting in different walks of life is growing exponentially, and BSG provides you with everything you could ever expect from a high-quality bulk SMS messaging service.

How it works:

  • Use any sender ID depending for your campaign. Sender IDs need to be pre-approved for some countires.
  • Add the recipient's name and other personal information to each SMS: your name or company's name, date of birth, discount code, and other.
  • Bulk SMS sending can be scheduled for a particular time and date. You can also set up gradual sending of SMS over specific time frames.
  • Your texts will arrive in seconds, anywhere in the world, straight from BSG's communications platform.

Who needs Bulk SMS:

Small and medium bussines

Marketers who add bulk SMS to their marketing mix say this channel is highly effective. 76% of people say they wouldn’t mind receiving promotional SMS text messages informing them about discounts, premium events, reminders, etc.

IT & Online services

IT & online services use bulk SMS as a two-factor authentication tool to provide a secure digital experience for users. Other uses include messages regarding available account balance, added functionality, changes in pricing, etc

E — commerce

Retail businesses and e-commerce sites embrace bulk SMS channel to boost their sales. SMS coupon codes alone generate 10-20% purchase conversion. Sale notifications and special deals make customers appreciate the savings offered to them.

Big companies

Bulk SMS has proven to be an invaluable medium for managing internal communications within a company. When you need to distribute internal surveys, send reminders or inform your employees about corporate events, SMS messaging is a great solution.

Big Companies

SMS messaging is the best way to reach out to customers instantly, with a good chance they will read the message within minutes. Transit companies send bulk SMS services to send notifications and alerts about route changes, arrivals and changed schedules

Transit companies

SMS messaging is the best way to reach out to customers instantly, with a good chance they will read the message within minutes. Transit companies send bulk SMS services to send notifications and alerts about route changes, arrivals and changed schedules

Clients and Partners Feedback


BSG works in close cooperation with our platform over the last 3 years. BSG managers have been always very attentive to us. They are working with great effort and efficiency. Our cooperation has always been very constructive and productive. Their tech support team is always ready to help. You can call them 24/7 at any convenient time and they will give you all the necessary advice.


We have been cooperating with BSG since 2016. Our cooperation has been successful for both sides and we are constantly working on new opportunities. The managers of BSG are easy to work with, friendly and responsive. They have 24/7 tech support which makes business works easier.


NVIA and BSG are working together since 2014 on the Short Messaging Delivery Service. This bilateral cooperation has been successful for both companies and we have a positive experience with doing business together during all these years.


BSG is one of the global leaders in providing messaging solutions. We build our partnership since 2018 year. And from that time till nowadays BSG shows us their first class professional skills. BSG team consists of strong competitive specialists who are ready to solve any question at any time.


Thank you, BSG team for solving our communication issues. As an insurance broker, we need a stable and reliable way of connection with our clients and partners. Your Bulk SMS and E-mail services gave us an opportunity to stay tuned with our customers and build strong marketing campaigns for engaging the new ones.


BSG has proven to be a reliable partner we can trust. We’ve been working for more than 2 years and the cooperation has been very successful. Easy API Integration, low prices, fast response rate for customer support issues, easy documentation navigation, free trial period. And that’s not the full list of the benefits. Thank you, BSG! Further - better.

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Be successful in telecom worldwide with our SMS Platform

Complete suite

BSG offers white labeling options and messaging features combined with billing and reporting.

Competitive pricing

Our pricing is flexible. We make sure we're able to meet any dynamic market requirements.

Education and Support

We’ll prepare you for launch through education and a dedicated reseller program tailored to your objectives.


With BSG adaptable billing system, you get full control. Our messaging suite can be fully customized.