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Tried and Trusted Solutions


For Enterprises

Drive engagement throughout the customer journey with a range of channels, advanced multi-layer analytics, smart filters.


Build relationships with your clients. Reliably contact your audience while protecting their personal information at the highest security standards.


Provide a personalized customer experience. Use detailed reports on audience interactions to drive business growth. Boost conversions with BSG services. Keep your customers engaged, retained and happy.


Connect with players anywhere in the world using the BSG global communication web service. Get a ready-to-use marketing solution in one account.

Logistics & Transport

Make consumers committed to your brand. Our global platform encourages your passengers and warehouses to return to your fleet over again. Plug in to our extensive suite of services to build a long-term communications strategy.


Get a turnkey solution for secure, fast, and reliable communication between doctors and patients in telemedicine. Increase customer engagement and improve service grades with BSG.

For Wholesale Carriers

Increase your margin and coverage with BSG. Benefit from pure 0-hop connections, flexible pricing, exclusive directions, live testing of the provided routes and our friendly 24/7 support.


Expand and strengthen your voice messaging service with SMS and Viber channels. We show you all the ropes of SMS business.
The Future of 2FA

2FA Tech and Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2023 and Beyond

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive guide to the cutting-edge 2FA technologies and trends that are set to dominate cybersecurity in 2023 and beyond.

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SMS Solutions Item 1

Powerful One-Stop SMS Solutions

Send promotions and updates via Bulk SMS. Create templates to use with customer data and schedule message dispatches. Improve clients experience with triggered Transactional SMS equipped with advanced personalization features. Get the client feedback with Two-Way SMS to nurture friendly conversation.

SMS Solutions Item 2

Features to Refine Result

Convert visitors into paid clients with Website Tools. Don’t leave the Viber users behind. Reach offline users with auto SMS failover. Cut back on campaign costs by only messaging active phone numbers screened via the Number Verifier. Improve conversions, adding branded Short URLs. Our cross channel marketing solutions have everything for your success.

SMS Solutions Item 3

Smart Segmentation

Select contacts from your Contact List with advanced filtering. Segment for marketing RFM and cluster analysis based on your customer details. Explore your data with fine-grained queries with BSG omnichannel messaging platform. Set automated personalized retention campaigns for the groups. Save multi-level filter conditions.

SMS Solutions Item 4

Insightful Reports

View up to 5 reports each containing up to 20 performance parameters on our web-based communication platform. Reports include aggregated dashboards segmented by timeframe, campaigns, and traffic sources ― detailed to each message. Responsive analytics suggest the bottlenecks in your funnel and help you fix them.


99.9% Delivery rate
on numbers in our validated database due to our direct connections with operators.
100+ Custom features
developed by our R&D from client requests.
40+ Zero-hop connections
globally for optimized routing and high-priority traffic processing.


Christopher Boyd
Christopher Boyd
Senior Account Manager & Strategic Routing Specialist
at Mr Messenger
I have worked with BSG for over five years and can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. Their support team is always on point providing detailed feedback and frequent status updates should any issue arise. I would definitely recommend them as a trusted partner for any business.
Tad Nikolich
Tad Nikolich
CEO at Pineapple SMS
We, here at Pineapple SMS, really enjoy working with BSG. They have great routes but what I really appreciate is the working relationship. The team at BSG is always very helpful and responsive in the communications between the two companies.

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Developers Easily Read and Rely on Our API

Connect using the API library or via a secured SMPP gateway. Track the same sending analytics reports, as you can on the web dashboard, with integration in place. Our seamless RESTful API is comprehensively documented, and we are ready to develop integrations on demand.

  • Go
  • Node
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP

package bsgrest

import (

createSMS: ( fields ) => {
var array = !( fields instanceof Array ) ? [ fields ] : fields;
obj => {
var checkResult = police.createSMS( obj );
if( !checkResult.is_allowed ){
throw checkResult.reason;
var route = `/rest/sms/create`;
return remoteCall( route, fields );

pp client.message_create(destination: ‘phone’, originator: ‘SENDER’, body: ‘message text’, msisdn: ‘380662341945’, reference: ‘MyReference’)


import pprint
import bsg_restapi as api
from examples.settings import API_KEY
client = api.SMSAPI(config={‘api_key’: API_KEY})
result = client.send(message=api.SMSMessage(body=’test message text’), recipients=api.Recipient(380967770002))
print(‘Result of SMS sending:\n{}’.format(pprint.pformat(result)))
# getting status of SMS
status = client.get_status(result[‘reference’])
print(‘Current SMS status result for reference {}: \n{}’.format(result[‘reference’], pprint.pformat(status, indent=4)))

try (SmsClient smsClient = new SmsClient(“YOUR_API_KEY”)) {
//Log response
smsClient.getJerseyClient().register(new LoggingFilter());
//Sms prices
PricesData smsPrices = smsClient.getSmsPrices(9)

$smsClient = $BSG->getSmsClient();
‘successSend’ . (string)time()

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