Short URL for Bulk Messages

Stand out with shorter, branded, and trackable URLs
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Improve Conversions

Create short and trustworthy links. Increase delivery rate by using a custom domain and setting domain rotation rules

Bypass Blocking

After a certain volume of sent SMS, the domain in the short link dynamically changes to prevent messages from being blocked as unsolicited

Save Space and Money

Reduce the number of characters in your links to save more space for creative content in your text messaging

Analyze Your Customer

Improve strategy according to results. Analytics includes the geography of clicks, webpages where the link was clicked, the level of the link’s activity

Key Features

Short URL

End-To-End Interface

A short link is generated in the same interface where you create a message. You can include up to nine links to the message and set how often the link rotates.
Short URL advanced filters

Create Filters

Sort your short links by criteria like IDs, number of clicks or status. Create several blocks of conditions in the continuous and uniform account UI.
Clicks statistics

Custom Analytics

Get information about the country location of clicks, web pages, and social networks where conversions were made, and the level of the link’s activity.

Main Advantages


Maximize the Delivery Rate of SMS With Links

URL Shortener works with BSG domains, which change at set intervals to protect the URL against blocking by firewalls. Reduce the possibility of blocked messages and increase the likelihood of successful delivery by adding your own domain.

Real-Time Insights

With BSG Short Links, explore real-time data, geolocation, the device used, and referral information for every visitor. Understand this data with comprehensive statistics on deliverability and clicks.

Who Needs
URL Shortener



Attract more customers straight to your product’s website and boost sharings with short links in advertising bulk SMS.


Perform in-depth user experience analysis with clear real-time campaign analytics. Get important insights on client behavior.


Generate more traffic and conversions with short links. Increase deliverability rate to make your campaigns effective.

Get Better Results
With Shorter Links!


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  • Massive reference reduction
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  • Editable original links
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What advantages do the branded shortened links bring to my marketing campaigns?

You save costs and text space with custom shortened URLs. Some of your links probably do not fit into the address bar on even a PC or laptop screen. It is impossible to send those long links via SMS without paying for two or more message pieces. You can also make room for your creative copy instead of links. Create a short URL to support your brand. Personalized domains enhance your brand awareness. The CTR for ​​branded hyperlinks is 34% higher than for unbranded ones. Stand out with hyperlinks built for your niche and brand. The analytics are better. You get information on the geography of clicks, websites where the link was followed, and the level of link’s activity. You can then improve your strategy based on the campaign results.

How do I create a personalized domain in BSG ShortURL service?

Creating a shorter link takes only a few clicks with the BSG Short URL service. It is integrated into our bulk SMS Platform. You need to login and insert your link or complete a quick registration if you’re a new user. We replace your domain name with a custom one of your choice. E.g., from to shortURL.ty. Dynamic domains are automatically linked to the messages you send. They provide better deliverability of messages on the operator side. You can purchase your personalized domains from third-party providers and add them to the service for further use. Once you determine a domain you prefer, enter your link in the URL interface, and pick your short custom link to share. You can add one personal domain for free.

How do the BSG short links bypass blocking?

There is one problem with the most used link shorteners: they utilize common public domains. Such messages have a high risk of being blocked, especially in the USA. In contrast, our shortener can work with the BSG authentic domains, which are able to change at set intervals. Or you can connect your original domain instead. Both these approaches reduce the probability of messages blocking and increase the likelihood of successful delivery.

What performance metrics do I receive?

BSG ShortURL Report Section provides real-time statistics of key marketing metrics. Track statistics of user clicks on your short links:
  • Geography (countries and cities) where the clicks come from.
  • Top browsers and OS installed on devices from which the clicks were made.
  • Websites and social media where the links were clicked.
  • How the level of link activity changes based on the day of the week and time of day.
  • The short links that receive the highest number of clicks.
You can build custom reports to display relevant metrics.

How is my data protected on your platform?

We realize that your data is a valuable asset. BSG is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We implement security measures and compliance standards to ensure your personal data is protected from unauthorized access. To learn more on how we process and store your sensitive data, please visit our Privacy Policy page.


Christopher Boyd
Senior Account Manager & Strategic Routing Specialist at MR Messaging
I have worked with BSG for over five years and can honestly say it’s been a pleasure. Their support team is always on point providing detailed feedback and frequent status updates should any issue arise. I would definitely recommend them as a trusted partner for any business.
Tad Nikolich
CEO at Pineapple SMS
We, here at Pineapple SMS, really enjoy working with BSG. They have great routes but what I really appreciate is the working relationship. The team at BSG is always very helpful and responsive in the communications between the two companies.

Developers Easily Read and Rely on Our API

Easily integrate your system with the BSG Short URL service to cut, brand, share and track your links, retarget them for marketing needs, or swap them out once in a given time. Our RESTful API methods are accessible via simple HTTP calls.

  • Go
  • Node
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP

package bsgrest

import (

createSMS: ( fields ) => {
var array = !( fields instanceof Array ) ? [ fields ] : fields;
obj => {
var checkResult = police.createSMS( obj );
if( !checkResult.is_allowed ){
throw checkResult.reason;
var route = `/rest/sms/create`;
return remoteCall( route, fields );

pp client.message_create(destination: ‘phone’, originator: ‘SENDER’, body: ‘message text’, msisdn: ‘85267202829’, reference: ‘MyReference’)


import pprint
import bsg_restapi as api
from examples.settings import API_KEY

client = api.SMSAPI(config={‘api_key’: API_KEY})
result = client.send(message=api.SMSMessage(body=’test message text’), recipients=api.Recipient(85267202829))
print(‘Result of SMS sending:\n{}’.format(pprint.pformat(result)))
# getting status of SMS
status = client.get_status(result[‘reference’])
print(‘Current SMS status result for reference {}: \n{}’.format(result[‘reference’], pprint.pformat(status, indent=4)))

try (SmsClient smsClient = new SmsClient(“YOUR_API_KEY”)) {
//Log response
smsClient.getJerseyClient().register(new LoggingFilter());
//Sms prices
PricesData smsPrices = smsClient.getSmsPrices(9);

$smsClient = $BSG->getSmsClient();
‘successSend’ . (string)time()


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