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BSG is a global communications platform that creates meaningful connections between enterprises and their customers. Messaging, authentication, and verification tools with the highest security standards.
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SMS Services for
Financial Industry


Efficient SMS Delivery

SMS is an essential channel for banks and other financial institutions as it provides immediate interaction with a client. Quick data distribution and response on it bring increased security and higher customer satisfaction. BSG takes care of your traffic and ensures that every message is delivered to its destination. We provide SMS routes all over the world, number validation (manually and via API), a convenient interface for SMS sending, an SMPP gateway, and a URL Shortener.

Two-Factor Authentication

Use a simple and cost-efficient option to protect clients data and save your reputation. Create an additional level of security for online banking with One-time password via SMS for your users. We provide easy setup and reliable support.


Our analytics tool opens access to insights on how efficiently your SMS processes work. Our data visualizations show you bottlenecks and areas of improvement for your messaging strategy. BSG generates detailed analytics for your SMS campaigns and expenses with matching charts and diagrams.
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    Coverage of 1,800+ Operators
    We deliver messages to more than 200 countries around the world and provide optimized routes for your traffic.
    40,000 Clients
    This amount of businesses trusted us to provide SMS infrastructure to fill their communications needs.
    10 Years of Knowledge
    Since 2012, we’ve studied and developed the telecom industry. We have a wide knowledge base and the expertise to meet our customers’ needs.

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