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BSG Partners With Fintech Market to Expand BFSI Offerings

BSG is delighted to reveal that it has joined forces with the SaaS platform for financial services, Fintech Market, to offer more agile solutions for the BFSI sector. 

FTM focuses on lending, client relationship management, and risk assets for fintech providers. It provides services to clients in Europe, Mexico, and Indonesia, including neobanks, lenders for personal and SME loans, car leasing firms, and buy-now-pay-later operators.

The Fintech Market loan management platform helps BFSI providers to tackle their current fintech market woes and offers them access to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Speedier loan origination – Banks and other financial institutions can speed up their loan applications and maximize accuracy for successful approvals and to avoid potential fraud.
  • Risk management upgraded – Identifying and tackling risks associated with loans and other financial products can minimize losses and maximize returns.
  • Compliance made simpler – Automation provides better compliance to evade costly penalties and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Customer relationships and communication made easier – Automating customer communication processes such as payment reminders, one-time passwords, balance statements, and anti-fraud alerts helps to improve the overall experience and engagement.
  • Data entry and processing managed – Say goodbye to manual labor, errors, and inaccurate and slow data entry and processing!

With this collaboration, Fintech Market customers will benefit from BSG messaging services, authentication, and verification tools in addition to the extensive capabilities of the FTM platform.

We believe it will bring beneficial opportunities to our financial service customers. Keep an eye out for more news about our partnership in the imminent future.

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