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Why you can’t do omnichannel marketing without SMS

One of the greatest challenges for every business is developing a killer marketing strategy. But, what channels should you use, and how should you use them for the best results?

Most businesses invest in multichannel marketing in order to harness the benefits of each channel and reach customers. They realize that mobile marketing is the future of marketing, with over 4.15 billion active mobile users.

However, smarter businesses will take SMS marketing very seriously. With an open rate of 98%, SMS has been the most effective form of mobile marketing in recent years.

Things move so fast on the Internet, and these days multichannel marketing won’t cut it. That’s where omnichannel marketing (with the help of SMS) comes in. Sounds like the same thing to you?

While we introduce you to this concept, you’ll also learn how to integrate SMS marketing into your omnichannel marketing campaigns, for outstanding marketing results.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

When you’re brandishing the same piece of content on all your marketing channels in order to engage customers, that is multichannel marketing. But when you create a different and unique experience for customers through the various marketing platforms, that’s the definition of omnichannel marketing.

Starting to see the difference?

With multichannel marketing, the goal is to cast the net wide and harvest as many customers, while improving brand awareness. The goal of omnichannel messaging, on the other hand, is converting customers. Creating a consistent customer experience for people who are already aware and are engaging with your business.

In simpler words; one’s for fishing and the other is for feeding. You get the idea.

Let’s illustrate this with examples

Take social media… Multichannel will require you to create and share content for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You will be interested in the number of page follows, likes, retweets, and comments. These numbers are most relevant to multichannel marketing.

With an omnichannel marketing strategy, you’ll be aiming for and measuring conversions. For example, your content, page info, and bios across all channels have links to particular pages on your website. So when customers click, they’ll immediately land where they need to. 

That’s the customer experience!

What’s the implication? With your omnichannel marketing approach, you’ll be investing in channels that allow you to convert customers by improving their experience as they engage with your business. (E.g., social media – SMS – website). 

Then you’ll link these channels together, to create a smooth path that customers can flow with until they reach your final product or service. The result: clicks to your website, subscription to your email newsletters or SMS databases, purchase orders, and checkout payments.

Omnichannel campaigns are more about linking the channels intelligently to create cohesion, so customers hear only one voice. As opposed to pouring content across multiple channels with no clear link between them.

What Makes SMS Unique as a Channel?

The inboxes of your customers are crowded with marketing emails from your competition. Customers barely read your emails, no matter how carefully crafted you think they are.

Social media? That’s even worse. Customers literally scroll past your ads without a second thought. Too many ads, too much content, too many emails.

But, Consumers do spend more time on their phones texting than doing anything else. And that’s where text message marketing comes in as a hero. No customer deletes an SMS without reading it at least once.

Here’s how SMS marketing stands out;

  • 91% of customers keep their phones in hand or in their pockets. And because of push notifications, SMS is hard to ignore. This explains why the SMS open rate is 98%, way more than the email, with a 20% open rate. 
  • The average text message marketing campaign text message conversion rate is 45%; more than most other channels you can think of. 
  • SMS marketing is more cost-effective compared to other marketing options like Google advertising. And statistically, the ROI is better. With automation tools like BSG world, you can carry out bulk SMS campaigns with so much ease, and at costs that will make your business smile.
  • With the right bulk SMS service provider marketing Delivery is a lead advantage with SMS marketing. The average person takes about 90 seconds to respond to a text but up to 90 minutes or more to respond to an email.

Why does Omnichannel Marketing Need Text Messaging?

The secret to effective omnichannel marketing automation is to use the right channels. SMS is the one channel that most businesses underlook. People think that SMS is old school and can no longer serve for marketing, especially to Millenials.

But, the statistics tell a different story.

91% of customers say they’re interested in signing up for texts. They say they’d want to receive messages from brands. 50% of these surveyed customers say they already have subscribed to the SMS lists of their favorite brands.

There is a growing demand for SMS. Customers themselves are seeking to receive more personalized offers from your brand. That’s why your omnichannel marketing strategy absolutely needs SMS. Because text marketing drives results.

5 Ways to Enhance an Omnichannel Strategy with SMS Messaging

1. Use SMS for special occasions

The main reason users unsubscribe from a brand’s mobile messaging is an overload of messages and updates. So it’s important to limit the way you use SMS for your marketing. Try and text your customers sparingly, so customers don’t feel overloaded. The secret? Use bulk SMS for special occasions. Have any giveaways, coupons, discounts, product releases, new store openings, or any other important announcements that your customers will love? Use SMS to get your messages across and engage your customers.

2. Choosing the proper SMS gateway

Choosing the right business texting software for your SMS campaigns is as important as the campaign itself. The right text message marketing platform will help you personalize as much as possible, and also ensure that your messages reach your audience in no time. 

You need a web SMS sender that is convenient, works on all platforms and is easy to use, especially if you’re a beginner. A tool that lets you manage multiple campaign types is a huge plus, so you can execute all your omnichannel plans in one place.

There are lots of bulk SMS services you can choose from, but we recommend our very own BSG. A tool with the complete SMS marketing checklist.

3. Reconnect with inactive customers with follow-up texts

While getting new customers is amazing, keeping the ones you already have is as important. When your current channels aren’t engaging enough, SMS is perfect for reconnecting with your inactive customers.

Use follow-up texts to reach these customers and bring them back. Customers will love to hear a few warm words from you. Want proof?By adding texts to customers who hadn’t responded or opened their emails within a day or two of sending, Online retailer Vinomofo increased conversions by 21%.

4. Personalize, personalize

The key ingredient to any successful marketing campaign is personalization. Nothing has a greater effect than speaking to the customers directly, touching their feelings of emotion and urgency.

Personalization is only possible when you understand your customers. So start from there. The problem is, that it’s so challenging to send personalized bulk SMS. Most tools won’t give you that possibility.

That’s why BSG software for business stands out. Our bulk SMS service lets you personalize your mass texting campaign to connect deeply with your readers. That’s why you should choose our service if you’re looking for marketing success.

5. Use SMS for customer service

The average customer prefers texting over any other form of communication; email, website, etc. When customers can easily reach out to you with their issues via SMS, you’ll receive the best of loyalty.

Use two-way SMS to connect with your audience. Let them text you with their issues, and you can text back with solutions. It’s the perfect marketing strategy.

How Can BSG Help You to Start?

You need the best tool on the market, to get you started with your bulk SMS campaigns. BSG is the platform you need. The BSG messaging service is so easy to use, even for first-timers.

Our service lets you personalize your messages like a pro, so you can get better results with your campaigns. But that’s not all. We’ll help you secure your customer data and safeguard key transactions. 

We also offer the best Number Verifier services on the market, to help you retrieve accurate data on any of your customer’s phone numbers in real-time.

Let BSG take care of your SMS bulk marketing, while you can focus on creating value for your customers through your business.

Wrapping up

An omnichannel marketing strategy lets you take your marketing to the next level. When you include SMS in your omnichannel campaigns, you’re walking into a marketing success, while taking a huge step ahead of your competition. 

Now you understand the difference between an omnichannel and a multichannel strategy. You’re also able to kick start your first omnichannel campaign with SMS, or improve on the results of your previous attempts.

A partner like BSC can make SMS marketing fun, enjoyable, and more effective.

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