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Viber Messaging

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What is Viber Messaging?

Simple and convenient communication channel – you pay for delivered messages!

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Key Features


Reasonable price

Viber messaging campaign will cost lower than same SMS campaign


Text Length

You don’t need to think about how to put a message into 140 symbols. Length of message consists of almost 1000 Latin or Cyrillic symbols


Easy settings

Register the sender’s name and start sending messages with Viber


Worldwide Coverage

Deliver Viber notifications to users worldwide


Reliable Channels

High capacity and sending speed


API Integration

Create sends and offer services to customers from your interface

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Viber bulk messaging?

The minimal monthly amount of delivered Viber messages for one active Viber ID in Ukraine is about 50 000 messages. The unused prepayment made for 50 thousands messages per month couldn`t be transferred for the next month. For an example, you’ve sent 40 000 messages from Viber but there 10 000 left. Unfortunately, they’ll burn out from your balance by the end of the month. You also need to sign a contract with our manager to use Viber bulk messaging.

Which types of messages can I send?

Currently, BSG Service provides only advertisement messages. Contact your account manager, whether you are interested in transactional messaging. Leave your request to activate these services in your account.

Who can use the service?

The service can be used by any legal entity, which is recognised as the resident of Ukraine. The user has to sign an implementation about receiving SMS-messaging services and an additional agreement regarding Viber bulk messaging services. All services can be provided only for those companies, who’s customers gave an agreement to receive information through the bulk messaging.

Does the price depends on the message type?

The cost of Viber message delivering depends on the type of message. The company has to determine the type of message itself during the campaign creation. Viber may block an account in case of conditions noncompliance.

How we can help?

Have you visited our Help Center? There, you’ll find FAQs for quick answers and support articles for more in depth explanations.

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Clients and Partners Feedback


BSG works in close cooperation with our platform over the last 3 years. BSG managers have been always very attentive to us. They are working with great effort and efficiency. Our cooperation has always been very constructive and productive. Their tech support team is always ready to help. You can call them 24/7 at any convenient time and they will give you all the necessary advice.


We have been cooperating with BSG since 2016. Our cooperation has been successful for both sides and we are constantly working on new opportunities. The managers of BSG are easy to work with, friendly and responsive. They have 24/7 tech support which makes business works easier.


NVIA and BSG are working together since 2014 on the Short Messaging Delivery Service. This bilateral cooperation has been successful for both companies and we have a positive experience with doing business together during all these years.


BSG is one of the global leaders in providing messaging solutions. We build our partnership since 2018 year. And from that time till nowadays BSG shows us their first class professional skills. BSG team consists of strong competitive specialists who are ready to solve any question at any time.


Thank you, BSG team for solving our communication issues. As an insurance broker, we need a stable and reliable way of connection with our clients and partners. Your Bulk SMS and E-mail services gave us an opportunity to stay tuned with our customers and build strong marketing campaigns for engaging the new ones.


BSG has proven to be a reliable partner we can trust. We’ve been working for more than 2 years and the cooperation has been very successful. Easy API Integration, low prices, fast response rate for customer support issues, easy documentation navigation, free trial period. And that’s not the full list of the benefits. Thank you, BSG! Further - better.

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