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Overview for Small and Medium-
Sized Businesses


Increase Business Confidence

Consumer trust is built not only on the product but also on the interaction of the business with the customer. According to statistics, 69% of buyers are more loyal to a brand if the information is conveyed correctly. 73% of consumers prefer to shop from businesses with high personalization. Make communication effective with SMS marketing for small business using Viber, SMS, and website tools.

Automate Communication at Scale

Make bulk SMS for business automated in key service areas. Use chat-bots, and SMS schedule automation through API integrations. Improve communication efficiency and empower your teams to focus only on the complex and important areas of customer communication.

Protect Customers’ Personal Information

More than 50% of consumers agree to share their personal data with a business. For securely protecting your audience’s personal information, use the two-step verification level for signing in to the app or personal account. Implement an OTP that is automatically generated and sent to the user via SMS for small business.

Segment Clients Into Groups

Use ready-made filters to work with the contact book. Segment your audience by age, city, interaction experience, etc. Send relevant information with bulk SMS for small business to each customer group. Analyze delivery reports and adjust your marketing strategy.

Save Money

Sending to consumers inactive numbers worsens the result of your marketing campaign and wastes your budget. Check the validity of subscribers before sending them out with Number Verifier. Communicate only with real people and save money on sending out to non-existent contacts. And with API integration, you can set up an SMS gateway for small business and manage your marketing campaign right from your PC.
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    Key Benefits

    High Delivery Rate
    1800 operators cooperate with us worldwide. This ensures uninterrupted message transmission and consistent deliverability.
    ISO Standards
    Rest assured that you’re partnering with a company with the highest safety standards and ISO-9001:2015 certification.
    24/7 Tech Support
    High-quality customer support all over the world. Get help anytime, any day of the week in real-time.

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