Mass Texting Service for Your Business

Send bulk and transactional SMS to cut through promo clutter and drive interest locally and around the world
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by their city, age, interests, and purchase history. Target people with personalized and relevant information.


by customizing select queries and conveniently splitting your contact list. Simplify complex marketing tasks.


for bulk promotions, special offers, and confirmations. Address people by name to make them feel valued.


broken down by different channels. Monitor clicks on each specific link to choose the best strategy.

Prepare your messaging as follows

  • Register
  • Personalize
  • Save
  • Launch
  • Analyze

Register and select your Sender Name

Planning international bulk SMS campaigns, you should take care of this in advance. You can register several Senders. After passing the moderation, proceed to the campaign form.
SMS for enterprise

Sort contacts and personalize

Use knowledge of customer needs in your bulk text messaging to set the fields for RFM and cluster segmentation. Build complex filters. Limit the number of recipients to control expenses.
SMS personalization

Compose a story and save a template

Speak to your audience in their voice. Prepare templates for bulk and transactional SMS: address by name and add any fields from your Contact Book. Up to 765 characters in five parts are at your disposal.
SMS templates

Prepare your campaign for launch

Double check everything in the preview before sending. Send a test. Launch the campaign right away, or schedule it when needed.
Test SMS campaign

Track conversions and expenses

Visualize the performance of campaigns ― overall performance aggregated in the dashboards, and individual bulk SMS for marketing needs in the detailed reports. Set parameters for the downloadable financial reports.
SMS tracking campaign

Key benefits


Dynamic and static grouping

All conditions to manage your contacts. Upload customer data parsed by fields to your account from a file or via SMS API. Create contact lists, make selections, and move contacts between groups. We have provided dream tools for marketers!

Multidimensional analytics

Various analytics on campaigns, periods, location, and traffic sources. 20 parameters are available to evaluate each campaign and 20 ― for every single SMS. Use the analytics to configure financial reports.

All-in-one interface

Set up a campaign in minutes from your account. On the BSG platform you can also find a range of channels and instruments to look up contacts, shorten links and more ― everything in one window.


99.9% Delivery rate
on numbers in our validated database due to our direct connections with operators.
100+ Custom features
developed by our R&D from client requests.
40+ Zero hop connections
globally for optimized routing and high-priority traffic processing.


min 0.010

Developers easily read and rely on our API

Connect your online business with mobile operators to send and receive SMS across the world in your familiar software. With a robust and secure BSG RESTful API, you can easily send a message and check its status through the provided endpoint.

  • Go
  • Node
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP

func (client *SmsClient) CreateMultipleSms(request MultipleSmsRequest) MultipleSmsData {
var sms MultipleSmsData
request.Destination = “phones”
_DoJsonCreateRequest(client.BaseClient, sms_create_method, request, &sms)
return sms

destination: “phone”,
originator:”alpha name”,
body:”message text”,
SMS => console.log( “SMS created:”, SMS ),
error => console.log( “SMS creation failed:”, error )

def message_create(params={}), “sms/create/”, params.merge({})))

class SMSMessage(dict):
def __init__(self, body: str = ”, originator: str = ‘BSG RESTAPI’, **kwargs):
kwargs.update({‘body’: body, ‘originator’: originator})

MultipleSmsRequest multipleSmsRequest = new MultipleSmsRequest(); multipleSmsRequest.setBody(“Some text”); multipleSmsRequest.setOriginator(“me”); multipleSmsRequest.setTariff(null); multipleSmsRequest.setValidity(1); List<Phone> phones = new ArrayList(); phones.add(new Phone(“85226010227”, UUID.randomUUID().toString().substring(0, 13))); phones.add(new Phone(“79991234568”, UUID.randomUUID().toString().substring(0, 13))); multipleSmsRequest.setPhones(phones); MultipleSmsData data = smsClient.createSms(multipleSmsRequest);

$smsclient->$answer = $this->smsClient->sendSmsMulti([
[‘msisdn’ => 85226010227, ‘body’ =>’test’, ‘reference’ => ‘successSendM’ . (string)time()],
[‘msisdn’ => 85226010227, ‘body’ =>’tes2′, ‘reference’ => ‘successSendM1’ . (string)time()],


How is my subscribers’ data protected?

Your data is collected and processed solely within the service purposes. Your information and subscribers’ database are confidential and unavailable to third parties. We follow our Personal Data Protection Policy. Our Restful API displays only what the platform user enters. We are internationally-certified communication platform, compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. HTTP, SMPP and SS7 secured connections are supported.

Why do I need to register the Sender Name?

Sender Alpha-Name or alphanumeric ID is aimed to qualify you as an addressee. It is the first thing a subscriber sees, a key decision-impacting factor. Sender Name increases awareness and proves authenticity. Certain countries require its registration and some even impose carrier filtering. Check your message’s destination countries, and submit a registration ticket in your account. Any combination of alphanumeric characters will do, like a brand name or something congruous. Never send messages on behalf of someone else’s company.

What customer information can I include in the message?

You can include custom contact data when you upload customers into the system. Upload it, and customize the fields for that data. They are intended for targeted offers, and to make messages personal without manual input. Include data like name, purchase date or amount, product category, location, date of birth, interests. Build lists for different countries and languages.

What other ways would you advise to use SMS?

Sending mass texts is a quite universal medium. With transactional SMS, you can confirm orders, payments, auto-send tracking numbers and status updates. A welcome message is well-timed right after a person signs up for an event or registers at your web page. SMS is also among the most reliable channels to send one-time passwords and safeguard authentication.

What is the service payment scheme?

Our bulk text service has flexible pricing that meets dynamic market requirements. You do not subscribe to any software when you create an account. You pay only for the actually used traffic. The final price depends on your country and operator. The more messages you decide to send, the less you pay per each. We support a wide range of payment systems and currencies. Various legal entities are connectable to BSG. Invoices are formed automatically or by a manager manually. You can view the history of balance replenishments and charge-offs.

Messages are delivered to 1,800 mobile network operators in 200 countries

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