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Optimize your team’s productivity and customer experience on each stage of the business process. Increase conversions while reducing operational costs.
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Recognizes Language From the First Phrase

Based on thousands of hours of calls and real-life examples, the bot can learn any language. Natural-language understanding (NLU) technology is used to continuously train the Voice Bot`s neural network.

Constantly Improves Under the Tasks

Flexible configuration, regular monitoring of the calls, adding scripts, and clarifying questions. Data is analyzed daily and based on the results, the scripts are modified.

Speaks Naturally and Answers Accurately

We utilize AI: Text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) brings conversation closer to everyday life, while speech-to-text (STT) analysis transfers responses into an understandable form.

Provides Reports and Uploads Conversations

Data is downloadable right after a call or upon request. In the report, you get a base broken by categories, call status, a link to recording and a transcript of replies.

Why Is It Profitable?

  1. Investment in Voice Bot compensates for labor costs, night shifts, and technical support. Up to 30% of costs are saved on customer service.
  2. The Bot automatically handles routine requests 24/7 and makes your employees available for more complex and interesting tasks.
  3. The Bot is always in a good humor, never gets tired or side-tracked, and avoids other “human factor” errors.
  4. The service is easily scalable for the wild swings in the number of calls, like during holidays or peak seasons.

What Does the Bsg Voice Bot Already Do?


Checks the Contact Base Relevance

Is the subscriber an actual prospect worth communicating with in the future?

Returns Customers

Reminds about your company, tells about new products, promotions, sales, discounts, hot offers, events, and webinars.

Works With Abandoned Cart

Finds out the obstacle to the deal closing, and offers a way to eliminate it, like a more convenient payment method or an incentive for clompleting.

Makes Personalized Reminder

Confirms or declines a scheduled visit. Notifies of the approaching payment date and upon a consent sends a link to form.

Controls Delivery Timeliness and Quality.

Notifies of delivery. Requests immediate feedback (in points) about the provided service.

Determines Net Promoter Score

and Customer Satisfaction Index, as well as other indicators and imperative needs.

Increases the Customer’s Lifetime Value.

Calls the segmented contact base. Upon detecting an interest, the Bot sends an SMS with a link to a special offer.

Handles Other Simple Requests

for which it is not difficult to predict the responses.
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    How We Proceed?

    1. Briefing. After the application, we introduce the user on to how the Bot works, study the client path and determine the expected result.
    2. Development of the interaction scripts and their approval with the user.
    3. Technical configuration. Organization and verification of the work logic. Fine-tuning of the recognition algorithms.
    4. Voicing of the dialogues by the speaker. Entering the replies into the Bot settings.
    5. Getting the contacts and uploading the user’s contact base into the system.
    6. Test campaign for 50-100 contacts: performance check, analysis of results, adjustments.
    7. Main campaign. Calling the entire base and collecting the live results.
    8. Analysis of the preliminary data obtained in course of the pilot conversations.
    9. Monitoring and optimization of the Bot’s performance. Expanding the scripts if needed.
    10. Downloading results. Conversations and reports are downloaded and provided to the user.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    • free setting on all stages
    • per second pricing
    • manager’s support during cooperation
    $0,1 per minute

    Bonus Points

    The Voice Bot integrates with other services. The Bot answers additional questions independently (provided by an additional script extension) or switches the conversation to an operator. It is possible to configure trigger events to send messages during or after a conversation via SMS or Viber.

    Use our complex of services

    Voice Bot+SMS+Viber with additional tools for cleaning and segmenting contacts,
    personalization, dashboards, and reports.
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