2-Way SMS — Bulk Two-Way SMS Service

Enrich your SMS channel capacity with 2-way messaging – communicate directly with clients. Dialogue generates good business and helps close more deals
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2-Way SMS Main

Grow Customer Relationships

Let customers send SMS directly to your company and reply right away. Upgrade from one-way texting to 2-way.

Transmit Replies to Your Project

Implement 2-way messaging features into your CMS or CRM. Get notifications on incoming messages and receive clients’ answers within your systems.

Boost Leads Engagement

Receive responses to initiate SMS conversation. Retain customers, arrange surveys, confirm bookings, and approve scheduled appointments via 2-way texting.

Increase Conversions

Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, facilitate transactions, gather product feedback, and drive sales with high customer retention.

Key Features

  1. Free Incoming Sms

    We offer free incoming SMS for 37 countries, check whether your country is on the list. You need to pay only for outgoing messages and the Sender name. To start using 2Way SMS, just apply the registration form to register the Sender and make the setup fee.
  2. Reusable Templates

    Build a collection of your own standard SMS templates. Use templates to optimize and simplify the campaign creation flow. All templates are stored within the SMS section of your BSG account, so you can manage and apply them for bulk and 2-way campaigns.
  3. Detailed Reports

    View detailed information on outgoing and incoming SMS. All replies are organized by contact. You have advanced statistics on each sent campaign, detailed user activity inputs, and financial reports. Use the data to inspire you to make changes in the communication approach that encourages customers to dialogue.
  4. Seamless Integration

    Integrate reliable messaging into your system with an open and fully-documented SMS API. Connect 2-way messaging to your event points and receive replies right into your CRM. Confirm appointments, documents received, or anything else initiated by your system. Open direct access to your client’s personal channel.
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    How Much Does It Cost?

    Price per outgoing SMS min 0.010 EUR
    Price per incoming SMS free
    Sender fee from 0.01486 EUR/mo.
    Purchase of sender number is required

    Main Advantages


    The Perfect Tool to Begin a Dialogue With Customers

    Let your customers text you like a friend. Follow up with them to confirm transactions or re-schedule the appointments via SMS and provide information on demand. Use 2-way texting for collecting reviews, organizing polls, and providing promotional activities that will boost customer engagement.

    Increase Repliable Messaging Conversion Rate

    Enable real-time interaction with clients and nudge them to conversion. Help customers resolve their issues, and they pay you back with loyalty, good recommendations, and repeat purchases. Empower your customer care team to provide a human touch and deepen the connection with warm leads.
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