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30+ Promotional & Sales Text Message Examples (Copy and Use Right Away!)

Marketing SMS is an effective tool to encourage customers to purchase or to create brand awareness. Just like people want to text important life updates to their friends, a brand can send promotional messages to them this way. These messages aim to publicize the company’s offerings and inform customers of exclusive offers they can enjoy.

SMS’s 98% open rate makes it more reliable as a marketing channel than email marketing. The problem is that learning how to write a discount offer message sample takes work. It requires some skill and experience to get them down. 

We have made it easy by providing templates for discount sales, sales, holiday promotions, etc. Copy any templates, and you are heading to a successful SMS marketing campaign. But before you begin, there are tips you should know and a checklist to help you. 

How to Write a Discount Offer or Promotional Text Message? Must-Use Rules & Tips

Writing a promotional text sample that leads to high conversion is a skill every marketer must have. You don’t have to be a professional writer to convey your message. Use these tips to make your discount sms rock. 

Use short sentences 

An sms contains just 160 characters. Ensure you keep the SMS offers within those characters. The promo message should be concise and straight to the point. You can use “PROMO” and “FREE” to grab readers’ attention.

Personalize messages 

Do you know that 76% of customers engage with brands that use personalized messaging? People aren’t interested in spam or broadcast messages. Instead, they want to read messages that speak to them. Use the names or other personal information when sending promotional messages to them. For instance, “Hello Gary” has more impact than an ordinary “Hello.”

Don’t use abbreviations or slang.

One easy way to fail when writing discount messages to customers is by writing messages in abbreviations and slang. While you aim to create engaging messages, you must remember that you are a business and must be professional and corporate. 

Use a Call to Action (CTA) 

The point of the message is for the receiver to take action. A good CTA in SMS marketing achieves this aim by making the receiver visit your website or make purchases. You should know that a CTA guides the buyer on what to do after reading the message. Therefore use phrases like “Visit our website,” “Click here,” and “Learn more” for effective results. 

Provide necessary details

When sending a promotional message, endeavor to provide all the details of your brand, such as name, website, and location. The reader should know all about your brand and what you are selling. 

A Checklist for Effective Promotional Messages

Businesses send SMS text messages majorly to publicize their products or services, increase customer interest, upsell, share news, and invite their targets to engage with them most directly. Depending on the cause for sending, the copy and details will vary. However, a sample text message for sales promotion business should:

  • Set marketing goals. Before sending out messages, identify your marketing goals and KPIs and align your SMS marketing strategy with the goals. Ideally, your goals should be measurable and have a timeline. 
  • Include the source name and contact details of your brand in the message for further dialog;
  • Insert a call to action to create a sense of urgency or heighten the fear of missing out to improve the open rate;
  • Add value/information understandable to a customer in a recognizable tone of voice;
  • Include short URLs to your landing pages to boost click-through rates.
  • Take a conversational approach, and concentrate on one main topic. Premium promotional advertising examples do not appear overly “salesy,” overuse caps lock, or contain many buzzwords like “NOW!”.
  • Send the message at the right time. It is especially effective to spread time-sensitive offers this way.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. If the SMS has short URLs to your website, it must be accessible to mobile customers. 
  • Manage the flow of information from the customers. An advantage of the conversational approach is that customers can respond to messages to make inquiries or to respond to surveys. Ensure you have a team to respond to these inquiries. 
  • Track and analyze the effectiveness of the messages. Factor in open rates, click-through rates, and subscription or unsubscription rates to know if the messages impact customers. 
  • Partner with the right SMS marketing platform. Messages are effective only if they are delivered and opened. Therefore, a mobile number active status verification is the cornerstone of the campaign’s success. Fortunately, our digital marketing system provides such a service, so you can also find every contact’s roaming status.

30+ Smart Promotional Message Examples. 

As promised, these are samples you can use for your brand’s SMS campaigns. 

Holiday Promotional SMS examples:

Merry Christmas from all of us at [company]!
As our gift to you, enjoy 20% off with code XMAS20.
Discover festive deals and spread the holiday cheer: [link]

Happy Easter from the [company] family!
Celebrate with us and save 15% sitewide using code EASTER15.
Hop into egg-citing deals and enjoy the season: [link]

[company] wishes you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!
To show our gratitude, we’re offering 10% off all purchases using code THANKS10.
Shop now: [link]

Discount message examples:

Hello from your friends at [company]!
We’re offering a special 30% discount on your next purchase with code SAVE30.
Start shopping now: [link]

Exclusive [company] Offer: Get 25% off storewide!
Use code BEST25 at checkout.
It’s the perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe: [link]

Sales promotional text samples:

Don’t miss our MEGA SALE: Save up to 50% on select items!
This offer is for a limited time only.
Hurry, shop your favorites now: [link]

It’s the end-of-season SALE at [company]!
Enjoy incredible discounts of up to 40% on our top styles.
Don’t miss out, shop now: [link]

New product/service launch announcement:

We’re excited to introduce a NEW spring collection!
Be among the first to shop our latest styles and make a statement.
Discover what’s new: [link]

New arrivals just in at [company]!
Stay ahead of the trend and explore our latest products.
Shop now and be fashion-forward: [link]

Hotel booking confirmation:

[Company] – Your hotel booking is confirmed! Check-in: [Date] at [Time].
We’re excited to host you. Need assistance? Reply HELP.
Details: [Link]

[Company] – Welcome! Your stay at our hotel is booked for [Date].
Get ready for a fantastic experience! For any queries, text us.
Reservation info: [Link]

[Company] – Confirmation: Your room is reserved from [Date] to [Date].
Enjoy your stay with us! Questions? Reach out anytime.
Check details: [Link]

Flight booking confirmation:

Flight confirmation!
You’re booked on [Flight Number] on [Date] at [Time]. Safe travels!
Manage your booking: [Link]

Great news!
Your flight [Flight Number] is confirmed for [Date] at [Time]. Have a pleasant journey!
Update your booking: [Link]

You’re all set!
Your flight [Flight Number] is booked for [Date]. Get ready to fly high!
Access your flight details: [Link]

Flight time rescheduling:

Your [Flight Number] has been rescheduled to [New Time] on [Date].
Check updated itinerary: [Link]

Notice: [Flight Number] is now departing at [New Time] on [Date].
Please review your new schedule: [Link]

Time Change: [Flight Number] on [Date] now leaves at [New Time].
Stay updated with your new flight info: [Link]

SMS Vouchers:

You’ve earned a $10 voucher!
Use code SMS10 at checkout to save on your next purchase.
Shop now: [Link]

Get $5 off your next order with code SAVE5.
Treat yourself today: [Link]

Enjoy a $20 discount on us!
Use code DEAL20 at checkout.
Start shopping: [Link]

Account status notification:

Your account is now active!
Start exploring our amazing services: [Link]

⚠️ Reminder: Your account will expire soon.
Renew now to avoid service interruption: [Link]

Important: Your account has been suspended.
Please contact us to resolve the issue: [Link]

Transaction alerts:

Transaction Alert: You’ve been charged $[Amount] for [Product/Service].
View details: [Link]

Payment received: $[Amount] for [Product/Service].
Thank you for your business! Invoice: [Link]

Successful transaction: $[Amount] deducted for [Product/Service].
Check your order status: [Link]

SMS suggestion polls:

We value your opinion!
Help us improve by answering our quick poll: [Link]

Share your thoughts in our survey and help shape our future offerings: [Link]

Your feedback matters!
Take a moment to complete our poll: [Link]

New Customer Welcome/Customer Onboarding SMS

Welcome aboard!
We’re thrilled to have you. Start exploring our services: [Link]

Thanks for joining us!
Let’s get started on your journey. Discover our products: [Link]

Customer Loyalty program

Introducing our Loyalty Program!
Earn points and unlock exclusive rewards.
Join now: [Link]

Become a VIP!
Join our Loyalty Program and enjoy amazing perks.
Sign up today: [Link]

Special offer messages:

For a limited time only, enjoy FREE shipping on all [company] orders!
Use code FREESHIP at checkout.
Don’t wait, shop now: [link]

Deal at your fingertips: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE at [company]!
Use code BOGO at checkout.
Double the fun while shopping: [link]

New trading hours:

Important Update: [company] store hours have changed!
We’re now open from 10AM-8PM.
Come visit us and shop the latest trends during our new hours: [link]


Enter for a chance to win a $100 [company] gift card!
Participate in our giveaway by signing up for our newsletter: [link]
Hurry, this offer won’t last long

Flash sales promos:

FLASH SALE Alert: Get 30% off everything at [company] for a limited time!
Use code FLASH30.
Don’t miss out, shop now: [link]


Upgrade your shopping experience with our [company] premium membership!
Enjoy exclusive discounts, member-only deals, and special perks: [link]

Asking for a review:

Hey [customer_name], we’d love to hear your thoughts on your recent [company] purchase.
Share your experience and help us improve by leaving a review here:

Pre-sale access:

Get exclusive early access to [company]’s Christmas Sale!
Join our VIP list for pre-sale access & snag the best deals before anyone else: [link]

Invitation to subscribe:

Stay in the loop with [company] news, sales, and more!
Sign up for our newsletter & enjoy 10% off your next purchase.
Subscribe now: [link]

Coupons sample SMS for marketing:

Here’s a treat from [company]: Save $10 on your next purchase with code SAVE10!
Shop our newest arrivals & enjoy the savings: [link]

Events announcements:

You’re invited to [company]’s exclusive Fashion Night Out event!
RSVP now and join us for a night of style, discounts, and fun: [link]

Booking an appointment:

Schedule your personal shopping experience at [company] today!
Book an appointment with our expert stylists for a tailored experience: [link]

Appointment cancellation:

We’re sorry to inform you that your appointment at [company] has been canceled.
Please reschedule at your convenience: [link]

Appointment rescheduling:

Need to change your [company] appointment?
No worries! Easily reschedule your booking for a more convenient time: [link]

Delivery reminder:

Don’t forget! Your [company] order is scheduled for delivery today.
Track your package & get ready to receive your new items: [link]

Delivery pick-up notification:

Your [company] order is ready for pick-up!
Swing by our store today to collect your purchase.
See you soon: [link]

New website or service:

Introducing [company]’s revamped website!
Discover an improved shopping experience & explore our latest collections: [link]

Hotel booking confirmation:

Your hotel booking with [company] is confirmed!
We look forward to hosting you.
Check your reservation details & prepare for a great stay: [link]


SMS marketing is cheap and still one of the most reliable ways to connect with customers. We’ve shared some ideas and short message examples on crafting short, spot-on SMS your customers want to read. Don’t hesitate to use them!

And if you haven’t thought of SMS marketing for your company, it’s exactly the right time you do. BSG — innovative communication platform, is here to help. Get in touch today, and let’s collaborate

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