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30 Text Message Examples and Templates to Use Right Now

Just like people want to text important life updates to their friends, their preferred brands love to address them this way as well. We speak of promotional text messages when a business sends its customers exclusive SMS messages with marketing intents.

While emails can remain unopened for hours—or worse, end up in a spam folder — 95% of SMS advertising is read within three minutes of being received. This makes texting the most efficient channel currently used by marketers. 

However, to maintain business worthiness and prevent crossing personal boundaries, we need to understand the difference between professional messaging and casual.

For many of us, composing client-focused messages may be daunting. One thing is to speak on the phone, but to put thoughts in written form is another. And here’s where a humble marketing message template hits the stage. Marketing professionals can prepare to become not only SMS but also a Viber bulk sender by creating promotional SMS templates for the most common cases of business communications.

What is a Promotional Message?

  • Businesses send SMS text messages mainly to advocate their products or services and catalyze customer interest, upsell, share news, and invite their targets to engage with them in the most direct and informal way. Depending on the cause for sending, the copy and details will vary. However, for clarity, the successful sample SMS for business promotion should:
  • include the source name and contact details for further dialog;
  • clearly call to act creating a sense of urgency to improve the open rate;
  • bring value/information understandable to a customer, in a recognizable tone of voice;
  • include short URLs to your landing pages to boost click-through rates.

One of the first options to apply text message marketing is to welcome the latest customers who have subscribed to hear from you.

With BSG.World, you can automate and tailor this first touchpoint with your customers. Keep in mind, that you must receive a customer’s permission to contact them.

Top-class promotional advertising examples do not come off as overly “salesy”, overuse caps lock, or contain many buzzwords like “NOW!” It should be conversational, concentrate on one main topic, and come at a proper time. It is especially effective to spread the time-sensitive offers this way.

The big potential is packed into a tiny package helping businesses to communicate consistently and clearly. Different agents speak and write diversely, and marketing SMS templates bring businesses a common voice when addressing customers and prospects.

Advanced SMS platforms for business allow creating templates with characters and parts count and interactive previews. After a text template has been composed and saved―with a name clearly describing its purpose, employees can select it from the list, and update customizable fields as required with the values from the contact database. Personalized bulk SMS is sent without altering the original templates.

Messages can be effective only if they are actually delivered and opened. Therefore, a cornerstone of the campaign’s success is a mobile number active status verification. Fortunately, our digital marketing system provides such a service, so you can also find every contact’s roaming status.

No matter who you are — a business owner, a sales agent, or a marketing expert, you have probably wondered how to make your text messages more interesting for your target audience. 

In BSG, we have overviewed various situations where companies would use SMS and picked some engaging marketing message examples for you. Perhaps you will even generate your own original text message ideas inspired by our highlights.

30+ Smart Promotional Message Examples

1. Holiday promotion

Hi, {first name}! Don’t miss out on {store name} massive sale to celebrate {holiday}. Save on all items you will need to make this festive evening special. Our gift collections are 15% off online and 20% off if you buy in-store. For details, visit {URL}. Kindest regards.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, for one accessory bought, the second free! Shop {store name} today and present your beloved ones with some luxurious frills from {brand name}. See them here {URL}.

2. New product/service launch announcement

The moment you’ve been waiting for has come. The {brand name} collection is already live on our website. The stock is limited, so get your items before they run out! {URL}

{Brand name}: Just launched! New special edition travel sets for every type of skin and concern to take into your next getaway or vacation, and you’re the first to know. Shop―{URL}

3. Sales marketing SMS examples

Hey there {first name}, thanks for purchasing from {store name}! We’ve got plenty of tempting deals in our upcoming Spring Collection. Stay updated or visit {URL} to learn more.

Hello {first name}, thanks for signing up to hear from {brand}. Looking for {product}? We’ve got some right now! This flavor is available for a limited time. Get it before the end of {month}: {URL}

4. New trading hours

No more running out of the office at {time} to find a new evening outfit. {Store name} is now open between {operating hours}. Find your closest outlet store {URL} opening its doors on {date} at {time}.

Hello {first name}! A bit has changed since you recently visited {store name}. We’re excited to announce that we’re now open until 10 p.m. 7 nights a week to make your non-grocery shopping even easier!

5. Giveaway

Dear {first name}! To appreciate your being such a wonderful client, we’re inviting you to participate in a contest for winning the {item}! To learn more and to join, visit {URL}. Good luck!

Giveaway alert! {First name}, {company name} is giving away a {product} to the first 25 people who show this text to an employee at the check-out at any of our locations. Stop by before they run short! Stores open at {time}. Regards.

6. Discount offer

Receive discounts on exclusive offers from {brand name}! Text {keyword} to {business number} and get 15% discount on your next purchase! Yours truly {company name}.

{First name}, wrap up your Christmas shopping. The {product/s} you’ve chosen is/are waiting in your {company name} shopping cart! Complete your purchase to score 20% off by showing the code XMAS20 at the check-out. Have a Merry Christmas!

7. Loyalty program

Hey {first name}, this is {your name} from {restaurant name}. We’re launching a new rewards program where you can earn your favorite drink and treats. Sign up or learn more here: {URL}

Greetings {first name}! Can you believe it? You’ve been a customer for one year! To thank you for your continued relationship with our business here’s a special offer exclusively for you: {URL}

8. Seasonal sale samples SMS

Hi, {first name}! It’s getting warmer/colder outside. Don’t miss our {summer/winter} sale on {item 1}, {item 2}, {item 3} and more! Save up to 40% on all you’ll need for the season. For more info visit: {URL}

Spring is just around the corner! Check out our new {item} line to keep you cool and nifty this season. It won’t get better than this: top brands, select looks, and $10 delivery. {URL}

9. Flash sale promos

{Company name} flash sale launches this weekend! Get 2 for 1 deal on pet products and 20% off sale stock for showing this message in store: {URL} Available till {DATE}. Our shops closest to you are located at {address 1}, {address 2}.

Flash sale! BOGO on all bed linen and blankets for the next 3 hours! Run, don’t walk. Hurry into our store to take advantage of this time-sensitive offer. To find the closest {store name} visit {URL}

10. Upselling

Hello, {first name}, thank you for shopping with us! Need a {product} to match your {purchase}? Click here to check out what we’ve picked for you! {URL}

Hey there, did you enjoy our FreeSpirit Burger? If yes, why not try our new FreeSpirit Nuggets!

11. Asking for a review

Hi {first name}, we hope you’re loving your new {item}. Vote on our latest product review, and you can win a prize package! Check it out on our Facebook page {URL}. We would be very appreciative! The drawing closes Friday 12/12. Best regards, {company name}

{First name}, this is {your name} from {company name}. Thank you for being a valued customer. We would appreciate it if you have a moment to leave a review about your journey with us. We’re giving away present cards to patrons who leave us feedback online! For your convenience, here’s a link to a third-party online review page: {URL}

12. Pre-sale access advertising message example

Hello {first name}, you’re on our VIP customer list! Receive access to our unique Black Friday pre-sale for supporters. Open your most recent email, and follow a secret link to shop now. Sincerely yours, {brand name}.

Just two days remaining till the {company name} anniversary sale! Set your alarms for 9 pm EST for behind-the-scenes early access for our SMS club members! And if you purchase by the third of the month, we’ll cut an additional 10% off!

Hi there! If you fill out this survey on your recent experience with {company name}, you’ll get a 15% off coupon! How do you evaluate your latest purchase on a scale of 1 to 10? Reply here: {URL}

13. Invitation to subscribe

Be the first to know about hot offers and discounts at {company name}! Click here {URL} to join our VIP list. Be sure to turn on post notifications so you don’t miss our monthly giveaway.

14. Coupons sample SMS for marketing

Hi-ya {first name}, {your name} from {company name}. We are grateful to you for joining our text club. Enter the “BOGO” code at checkout for one free {item} with your purchase!

Here it comes! Shop online at {store name} now with your exclusive 30% off coupon for a large selection of items: {URL}. Ends 8/15.

15. Events announcements

Hey {first name}! Join us at the {restaurant name} this Saturday at 8 pm for a live rock band and a happy-hour menu featuring craft beers, cocktails, and brand-new appetizers. For more information, visit {URL}. Hope to see you!

Hi, {first name}! Delight kids this summer! Join us the first {day of a week} of June for discounted entry to our {location} and {event} Doors open at {time}. For more info, visit: {URL}. Looking forward to seeing you soon, {venue name}.

Summing up

We’ve shared some ideas and text message advertising examples on how to craft SMS that your customers really want to read. Use contractions, and ask something as if you were speaking to a friend. 

When a business blasts a text offering people something beneficial, this is an ensured way to raise awareness and boost sales.  

Sharing discounts and coupons straight to customers’ phones is an excellent way to quickly convert messages into actions. 

Ultimately, nine in ten SMS are opened, and almost 80% of users purchase online using their mobile devices. Shopping from mobile devices has become the new norm, but you have just seconds to grab the user’s attention. 

Show recipients exactly and concisely what you have that they need.

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