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How to Write SMS Text That Really Sells

You likely realize that appropriate content is the way to an effective SMS informing. D’you wanna figure out how to make both smart and selling messages? No problem!

Just the case, you have to know how to make the message that will urge clients to purchase. This is your chance, don’t miss it!

SMS Texting Tips

Here are the tips on how to write effective SMS message for both marketing and commercial purposes for any bulk SMS messaging company like BSG. Here we go.

1. Mind the Language Peculiarities

English speech is shorter; the length of a single-part SMS text in Latin is twice as much as Russian characters (Latin ~ 160 characters / SMS, Russian characters ~ 70 / SMS). Take it for granted: if you want to write an effective text – mind the language peculiarities. And, get used to that!

2. Write Simply, Clearly and Briefly

Throw out unnecessary words, avoid incomprehensible speech figures and shortenings, unknown abbreviations, etc. which will be clear only to the marketing team or sellers. Example: “Show this message to your SM to get a 25% disc. on the next purchase” What?

3. Careful with the Digits

In fact, this is the major indicator of doing right. Do not include a digital parade in your message. It should be a well-adjusted text with the digits, where they are appropriate. If appropriate. Otherwise, your SMS text won’t be readable enough.

4. Don’t Steal Your Customer’s Time

Mind that your bulk SMS messaging campaign is limited in time, so is the offer you included in the message. Always mention the time frame after the body text. For example: “50% off Turkey tickets. Till the end of this week only!”

In addition, mind that there is some time from launching messaging till its end. Sometimes, the message is delivered to the addressee within 1 day due to certain technical reasons. However, expired messages with expired promotions is a no-no thing. Do it once, and forget it forever.

Specify in the SMS text with the feedback numbers, country and city codes, so that the customer can call you in one click.

5. Attract Attention

Try to start your message with a word that attracts attention, and will interest in reading the entire message till the end. It is called a hook. Get it ready and use it right!

6. Vary

Search and apply new ways of influence, using quality texts. Try various variants of a discount offer or welcome text, etc. For example, how to better write: “Save 20%” or ” grab a 20% discount now!” and all stuff like that. Vary. Test. Apply.

7. Be Sure to Introduce Yourself

Do not expect that your readers will immediately understand who writes to them. Or will sit still and wait till you show up and offer something. Always pick clear and easy recognizable Alpha Names for your bulk messaging companies.

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