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Improve communications with customers and build trusted and long relationships.
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Set up scenarios to automatically send and avoid manual mistakes.


Send important info to customers exactly when they need it without delay.


Provide clients with high-quality service by notifying them about orders’ details.


Send transactional text messages to any place in the world with one tool.

The Valuable Solution to Increase Customers’ Loyalty



Keeping customers in the loop provides transparency and grows credibility. Tailored experience cuts down churn rate. Moreover, sending a welcome with the present or offer curated to their interests can help you to opt-in new subscribers to your mobile database already for promotional goals.

Versatility and reliability

This secure channel is suitable for critical information, e.g., related to financial transactions or downtime alerts. Guaranteed uptime delivery both to the latest phones and the older models. 90% three-minute open rate, no time restrictions, and remote area coverage.

Cost efficiency

Completely automated regular transactional SMS service involves minimal manual efforts for initial setup. The cost of transactional SMS via BSG more than pays off in terms of customer retention and their lifetime value. Customer care expenses and losses from missed appointments sharply drop.

Use cases for transactional messaging



Open the SMS channel to greet those who recently signed up for your account or service online or in a brick-and-mortar location.

One-time passwords

Put security first. Send customers triggered OTP to verify sign-ins, and payments, restore access to their accounts, and more.


Someone places an order or makes a reservation? Assure them it’s okay. Ease anxiety and add item details or booking time and place.

Transactional flow

Banks can auto-text about transactions, debit, and credit balances. Alerts on paying dues and recurring bills keep people organized.


Time-triggered SMS a day and an hour before the appointment helps people to come on time and reduces expensive no-shows.

Mobile receipts

Organizing receipts on the phone is simple and practical. This approach also helps you to maintain the sales and revenue database.

Order status updates

Inform about an order being processed, on hold or postponed, prepared for shipment, and shipped. Seamless delivery raises anticipation.

General alerts

Calls and emails are often missed when you need urgent action. For flight time, data usage, or table readiness updates, SMS gets things done.

Delivery notices

Notify the excited customers that their purchase has successfully arrived. Use the opportunity to thank and even ask for feedback.

How does it cost?

Price per minute min 0.010 EUR


How to get started with transactional SMS?

BSG transactional SMS gateway is integrated into your existing CRM using our advanced transactional SMS APIs using an API key. Once done, define your recipients, set a trigger action or event, and create predetermined messages to send. Or you can launch transactional SMS via SMPP gateway. Install an SMPP Server, set network parameters, establish the peer-to-peer connection, add data and set up your transactional SMS campaign. The customer’s specified action triggers pushing predefined SMS. For example, as soon as someone places an order in your online store, your system will text them an order confirmation in response.

What should I consider before implementing service notifications?

Be it transactional or promotional SMS, you first need the customer’s consent. It can be ticking a dedicated affirmative checkbox upon a checkout, or in the messages already received via other channels, or with a phone number field on a web-portal. Tell them what type of messages to expect. Neglecting an opt-in, or sending excessively may close the door for SMS and lead to legal ramifications. Service SMS scales down friction to interact with your brand. But this also means lowering the churn threshold. So, evaluate your current churn rates before implementing SMS. Reasons for churn might be a product, pricing or shipping issue, or a competitor. Database segmentation helps to find loyal subgroups to pilot SMS subscription with.

How do I convey the brand voice and positive impression in my messages?

BSG supports the pre-made templates where the system pulls up the custom fields with the transaction details such as order number, and customer details such as their name, birthday, products of interest. This makes communication highly personalized and friendly. Include short, branded links to foster more trust. It is also important for your company to register a unique sender alpha-name. It will pop up for your audience every time they receive your SMS keeping your marketing efforts on-brand. And of course, don’t forget to provide the possibility to unsubscribe, adding the corresponding opt-out link.

Improve customer service with transactional SMS

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