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SMTP to SMS Gateway

In order to understand how smtp to sms gateway works, first of all you should be aware of the fact what SMTP actually means. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is a widely used network protocol for sending email in TCP / IP networks. Without it, telecommunications industry wouldn’t do.

What’s SMS Gateway is All About?

SMS gateway is an interface that provides sending and receiving SMS-messages without the help of a mobile phone. Why is this necessary?

One of the problems with sending SMS is that each company has its own sms center as a separate company and uses its protocols for communication. Most of these protocols are someone’s property. For example, Nokia had its own protocol, called CIMD. Therefore, the problem was that it was impossible to contact two SMS centers, when they didn’t use the same protocols.

To cope with that, a smtp sms gateway is created, which is located between two SMS centers. It translates the data of one protocol into those that are understandable to another. This method can be used by two different mobile operators to connect SMS centers with the ability to exchange any messages.

SMS-gateway acts as an intermediary between two SMS-centers, a kind of a relay.  In the process, it converts ordinary text messages to e-mail messages or HTTP requests and vice versa.

Some SMS gateways can read and deliver information to mobile phones and GSM / GPRS modems. Sending and delivery of text messages to a mobile phone or GSM / GPRS modem means knowing how to contact the SMS gateway, first of all.

SMS Gateway Types

There are certain types of SMS gateways you can easily use for the top-quality connection and organization of SMS gateway functioning: Web2SMS, SMS2Email, SMS2Skype. Each of them allows both sending and receiving SMS messages via the Internet.

Besides that, there are even gateways that allow sending SMS to fixed phones, converting them into
voice messages. There are also the so-called corporate SMS gateways allowing you to access corporate applications or databases through messages and even more.

The usage of SMS gateways provides both separate SMS services and mobile operators. The latter is a special form for SMS messaging, free of charge, through the gateway on their websites. Moreover, sending is possible only to the numbers of subscribers connected to their network and may be limited in the number of messages per day, which is a normal practice in certain states.

Thus, SMS-services provide the opportunity to use their SMS gateways for fee. The advantage of such is inexpensive, but high-quality service; optimized and accelerated sending processes, with convenient and easy-to-use interface, which is perfectly suitable for both big and small businesses.

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