Developer Docs

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You can integrate the BSG platform functions into your website or application using the API.

The BSG API works with JSON objects over HTTP requests using the REST architecture.

To use the API from BSG, you have to be registered on the Platform website

When working with the BSG API, please note that all data specifying date and time is sent according to the UTC +0 time zone.

API Versions

There are several versions of the BSG API:

  • API version 1.0:

API version 1.0 is designed to integrate the key features of the BSG platform to perform the tasks of creating SMS, Viber, and Number Verifier messages and viewing information on them.

  • API version 2.0:

API version 2.0 allows performing functions for managing contacts, and contact lists for subsequent SMS, Viber, and Number Verifier messages, and also provides general information: balance on your account, rates for sending SMS and Viber messages, and Number Verifier requests.